Essential Checklist: 10 Things You Can’t Forget in Proofreading

Once you have written a document, you might think this is it and that you are finally done. Well, let us tell you. This is definitely not the case. You are not done yet and there is a major step that must be done before submitting an assignment, report, CV, Resume, etc. That step is, you have to PROOFREAD the whole document.

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading is reading the document again and marking the errors.

Why is Proofreading necessary?

Proofreading is necessary because through it you will be able to mark possible errors. If you submit the document with proofreading your credibility will be questioned. No matter how good your research was, if there are errors in your document then nobody is going to take your document seriously.

This is a difficult challenge. You get extra conscious while proofreading because this is going to be the final step.

We are going to help you out by letting you know what things you must check while proofreading.

Here are the 10 essential elements that you are going to look for while proofreading your document:

Passive Voice:

Delete the sentences that have a passive voice in them. These sentences make it harder for the reader to understand the sentence. The reader gets confused while reading sentences with a passive voice in them. Passive voice should only be used when there is no possible active sentence. The reader finds it easier to read Active Voice as it is clearer and it is direct.

Apostrophe Usage:

Understand how to use Apostrophe in singular and plural nouns and in other relevant situations.

Unnecessary Punctuation:

Avoid using unnecessary punctuation. The addition of excessive and irrelevant punctuation is going to slow down the reader. Your main goal is for the reader reads your document with the flow. Punctuations add breaks into the sentences and make it difficult for the reader to go on reading smoothly.

Logical Flow:

While proofreading you must look for a logical flow. The concepts, ideas, headings, and paragraphs should be in a proper logical flow. This shows the reader that your thoughts are organized. It makes it easier for the reader to read and understand the different concepts and theories. Everything should connect with each other.


The tone of the document should be consistent. If you are communicating with the reader by using the first-person tone then it should remain like that until the end of the document. The length of the sentences should remain the same.


Make sure to check for grammar mistakes. It is necessary to spot the grammatical errors and correct them. Your reader is educated and has more knowledge than you have. Keeping that in mind you must spot the grammatical errors.

Spelling Mistakes:

Look for the spelling mistakes. Try to use words that are easier to understand. The reader must be able to understand what you are communicating rather than getting confused. Choose words that are shorter, relevant, easier to understand, and easier to spell.

Long Sentences:

The sentences must be of medium length. Adding too many concepts in one sentence is going to confuse the reader. It is going to make the readability difficult. The sentences should be short and easy to understand. Shorter sentences are going to make it easier for the reader to digest the information.

Unverified Facts:

While proofreading makes sure to also verify the facts, you have given. Double-check the information you have given and the sources you have used for information. Do not add unverified and unnecessary information and facts. This again going to distract the reader. The facts should be related to the concepts you have given and the topic of the subject. The addition of unnecessary facts is going to make the reader think that you have not done proper research.

Correct Acronyms:

You need to avoid acronyms that are hard to read. You also want to avoid acronyms that are not familiar in daily life. Understand your audience and write the acronyms according to them. If your audience can understand the acronym that not everyone is familiar with then you can totally use it. However, acronyms are not that helpful and should not be used if you are not sure about them.

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