4 Romantic and Simple Gifts to Send your Long-Distance Partner

Stimulating Your Romantic imagination – Relationships can be healthy and last for decades regardless of distance, but it will require work. Both of you will have to work. In some cultures, a husband may work on a fishing boat for months or years on end before returning home with a huge sum of money. In times of yore before the internet, such situations were especially difficult.

Today they’re not a lot easier, but they’re more manageable owing to technology. So that will play a part in helping you keep the “fire” alive despite a long-distance situation. Here we’ll briefly explore a few more things you can do.

1. Bouquets: The Old Standby

Flowers can be a fine romantic surprise at their home or place of work. You can order them from the linked site and have them sent right to her front door, or her job. If you’re dating a cute school teacher, get her a big bouquet with a romantic message and have it sent to the school where she works.

Not only does she get to enjoy the bouquet, she gets to enjoy all the other ladies teaching at the school who see her receive it. That’s a double win. You’re keeping your relationship alive, and you just sent your lady a status symbol that’s conducive in the social order of her job. Definitely, if you’ve never sent her a bouquet remotely, doing so is worth it.

2. Time: The Internet is Your Matchmaker

Time is a very real gift, especially when you and your lover are across the world. Certainly, you’ll need to be sure that you’re prepared to handle their time zone. Sometimes you’re going to be the one up late, sometimes they will. Regardless, set apart a few hours every week to touch base using digital tech like Zoom for a real meeting.

3. Curate Your Own Playlist and Send It Like a Mixtape

Mixtapes don’t really exist anymore because nobody has tape decks or tapes. However, playlists do, and they can have the same romantic impact. Essentially, you put together a list of songs that either she loves, or which are important to you. Most couples have a “song” that they both love. Well, put together a playlist with all those songs and send it to him or her.

4. A Care Package: Snacks, Pictures, Notes, and Similar Things

If you’re on a business trip in the tropics and she’s stuck in North Dakota, send her a care package with souvenirs, t-shirts, snacks, and a few steamily-written love notes. If he’s stuck at home and you’re in the Bahamas, do the same.

Hopefully, you can accompany one another on such trips, but sometimes you can’t. Maybe you’re in separate colleges. Whatever the case, a few care packages here and there go a long way toward keeping the passion alive between you.Bridging the Distance Gap With Love
Care packages, curating your own playlist like a mix-tape, using technology for remote “face-time”, and bouquets are all fine “gifts” you can give your significant other even while you’re both apart. Hopefully, these ideas help spark your imagination!

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