Dirndl Effectively

5 Easy Ways to Tie Any Dirndl Effectively

A dirndl is a traditional German costume for women, which was mostly worn in Alpine regions in the 19th century. This dress has a unique style with a particular bodice and an apron with a skirt that comes from knee-length to the ankles and is made of different types of fabric. 

Since these dresses were showpieces, especially during Oktoberfest weekend when they would be worn with decorative headgear and other garments, many designers have designed creative dresses using this pattern. The colors we see often are red, black, or white. Well, there are different designs of dirndl as it used to vary according to a region where it was worn, such as Bavarian or Austrian design. Let’s see how to flaunt our German dirndl dress with style, ladies!

Wear your dirndl with style

Oktoberfest is famous for the Dirndl, a traditional Bavarian dress that is worn only by women. It comes in many colors and styles and has become a symbol of Bavarian culture. 

These days, though, you can only see them at Oktoberfest celebrations. You can get them year-round in Bavaria. But before going to the Oktoberfest ladies you should know how to dress up for the event. 

Here are easy peasy ways to tie your dirndl effectively. 

  1. Innerwear 

For the best cleavage in a dirndl, girls should buy push-up bras for the clean appearance of traditional Bavarian costumes. It is very important to wear one!

As you wear your dirndl, you feel as if you are a real Ludwig’s lady. This is because, when wearing a dirndl, your chest spills a bit out of the dress. However, this depends on every individual choice.

  1. Put on a Blouse

On the other hand, you need to buy cropped blouses to wear underneath your dirndl dress. You can adjust the neckline of this type of blouse easily by dragging it closer to your neck or leaving it looser than usual. 

There are a number of blouse styles that are unlike the classic off-the-shoulder or sleeveless blouses. Some make you look like a stylish, while others make you look more sophisticated.

  1. Wear your skirt 

Squeezing into your dirndl may be a more appropriate name for this step. Your dress may be plaid, which is the very traditional print for dirndl wear because there is a wide variety in hues, fabrics, patterns and embroidery. For couples, German dirndl wearers with lederhosen men seem terrific altogether.

Length is a factor in choosing a skirt. A mini-dirndl has a short skirt, a maxi-dirndl has a long skirt, and a midi-dirndl’s skirt falls somewhere in between the two. Women should choose whatever length of skirt they need. It all depends upon your comfort level beauties. 

Have a look at the lengths of the dirndl skirt so you can make a choice easily.

Let’s look at some of the basic styles of Dirndls.

  • Maxi Dirndl

Maxi Dirndl is the classic choice for Bavarian fashion. It not only looks good, but it also lets you breathe better and is the most comfortable style for all body types.  At least 80 cm long, a full-length Dirndl is known as Maxi-Dirndl. Manufacturers have been very happy with it, but bear in mind that the design changes with time.

Cotton and linen fabrics in natural hues are still popular, but lighter-colored fabrics are also in vogue. You can’t go wrong with wearing a full-length dirndl to a costume party or other traditional festival.

  • Midi Dirndl

A midi-dirndl is also called a mid-length dirndl. The exact length depends on your height and dress size. A midi-dirndl is approximately 60 – 75cm in length. It covers the knees of shorter women and can barely go below the knee for taller women.

This year, Dirndl Online Store offers midi dirndls in stunning designs and colors. These dirndls are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s Oktoberfest or a formal event, weddings, or a cheeky terrace party. 

  • Mini Dirndl

A Mini-Dirndl is the shortest version of the traditional Bavarian Dirndl dress. It measures 50 to 60 cm in length and is especially popular among younger women. Mini-dirndls are fun and unique. At a traditional event like Oktoberfest, they might get you a frown or two because they aren’t traditional dirndl wear. But they are extremely popular at private couple’s Oktoberfest parties at home.

A Dirndl skirt’s length depends on the wearer’s height. Women who are short in stature can wear a Mini-Dirndl as a Midi-Dirndl, but tall women should stick to Midi-Dirndls.

  1. Tie the apron properly 

Tying a bow on an apron involves wrapping the long strings around your back and then making a bow on the front. When tying your Dirndl for Oktoberfest, though, you must make sure to tie this curtsy on the correct side.

Make sure to tie the bow of an apron in the correct manner to convey your relationship/marital status.

  1. Accessorize 

For Oktoberfest, a traditional German celebration, decorate your Bavarian dirndl dress with a handbag embroidered with the words “Spätzle” and an edelweiss.  Accessorize your dirndl with a small suede purse and a popular Spätzle-embellished bag. You can see that the edelweiss is a flower that grows in the Alps region of Europe.

For Oktoberfest in Munich, as a rule of thumb, you should try to carry as little as possible. Not only are big bags not allowed in the beer tents, but also big purses aren’t very practical.

A satin, low-slung cross-body purse is the best option for Oktoberfest. This type of purse will keep your bag secure and hands-free, so you can go from table to table without having to worry about carrying around a bulky handbag. Dirndl and lederhosen stores sell purses that match the theme of their clothing.

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