5 exotic places in London for a romantic proposal

London is one of the most beautiful cities and proposing to someone in London can be the best thing one can do to make the proposal more special. Every place in London is beautiful and it can be very overwhelming to decide which place to choose for the proposal. If you know your partner’s favorite place, then head over there without thinking, but if you are not aware of your partner’s favorite place in London, then the below-mentioned places might help you.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a classic location for proposals. It is an iconic and historic landmark to bend on one knee and propose to her. Because of its historical importance, a tower bridge is one of the best places to propose. It symbolizes longevity in a relationship. London tower bridge was opened in the year 1894. If you propose to your girlfriend in this place, it may show her that you want your relationship to be strong and old like the tower bridge. So, if the crowd doesn’t bother you or your girlfriend much, then Tower bridge is the perfect place to propose. Just grab a ring from the Hatton Garden Engagement Rings and open your heart to her.

Primrose Hill surprise

It is the best place to propose because it gives you the finest view of London. Primrose hill is 63 meters above sea level, and from here you can see almost the entire city in the panorama. Be it summer or winter, this place shall give you a serene view of London and if you can manage to come before the sunset, you can be sure to get a positive response. Primrose Hill can be your best choice because the entire nation is the witness to your proposal.

Sky Garden

Sky garden is the highest garden in London. It’s one of the striking landmarks of London. Its height is 160 meters. The view of London from Sky Garden looks mesmerizing and the greenery inside is eye soothing. Proposing your partner in Sky Garden not only shall confirm you a positive reply but also give you both immense reason to be happy. The place has free access to the public but you should book in advance. You can also celebrate the day with a special treat in one of the several restaurants of Sky Garden.

The Shard 

Shard is a world-famous skyscraper. Shard will also give you an amazing view of London. At night, London looks incredible from the Shard. When the entire city lit up with the city lights of London, it looks heavenly. If you want to propose to your partner in private then, the suites, bedrooms, and private event spaces shall be perfect for you considering that Shard has the best view of London.

River cruises

London has many river cruises that glide along the river Thames. What can be more romantic than proposing to you on a luxurious cruise with a marvellous view of the sunset and river? Make the moment more special with your incredible ideas.

These were the most romantic places where you can propose to your partner and expect a positive reply for them. Put on some effort into arranging the place and buying a diamond wedding ring London, your partner shall love you more.

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