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5 top demanding Jobs that need a perfect resume

It’s common knowledge in resume writing that no two resumes are the same. This is because the one size fits all style of resume writing is outdated and doesn’t give the most optimum results. In this article, find out the 5 most in-demand and demanding jobs and the key elements that should be mentioned in them and make the theme unique. Let’s get started.

1. Registered Nurse Resume

Nursing is a very sought-after position in the job market today. To be a nurse you don’t need to go through medical school or acquire a lot of debt. 

Recent statistics show that per million 15000+ positions are taken by nurses and the average annual salary for a nurse is estimated to be around $89000 per year.

A nurse is a healthcare professional tasked with assisting doctors in and out of surgery. Furthermore, registered nurses are the first point of contact for patients and are therefore expected to know rudimentary procedures and the basics of patient care. 

In the US a registered nurse would require a High School diploma or a GED, followed by at the very least a basic nursing diploma, offered by various community colleges. 

A Registered Nurse is different from a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) as the latter requires only a one-year program to qualify.

Although completing an associate diploma is sufficient to qualify for a Registered Nurse’s position, a nursing certification is required for nurses to practice.

A simple resume template for a Registered Nurse will always have the aforementioned information.

2. Teacher Resume

A Teacher is someone who has dedicated their life to education. Teaching the youth of today to make the leaders of tomorrow. There is no doubt in my mind that teaching is one of the noblest professional pursuits anyone can take on. 

Teaching jobs are very widely available and sought after the world over. With over 85 million teachers working globally today, the field still seems to be ever-growing. It is estimated that close to 80000 teaching jobs will open up in the coming decade in the US alone.

The average salary for a Teacher in the US is around $63000.

Teacher resumes should include the applicant’s name, address, phone number, email address, and educational background. Teacher resume examples typically also include a section for professional development, which can include workshops and conferences attended, as well as any specialties or areas of expertise. A Teacher resume should also list any awards or honors the applicant has received. Teacher applicants can use resume examples to help them format their own Teacher resumes should also highlight any relevant experience, including teaching assistant positions, summer school positions, and volunteer work with youth organizations. 

For a Teacher Resume a basic design reverse-chronological simple resume template should suffice.

3. Shift Manager Resume

Many businesses today work 24 hours, and as it is impossible for one team or department to work continuously businesses have developed a habit of maintaining and managing shifts. As a shift manager, you will be expected to manage a particular shift and will supervise and take care of all managerial decisions in that time period.

A Shift Manager’s salary per year is around $72000 on average in the US and it’s the position has a job density of 10000 per 1 million. 

As a shift manager, the most important part of your resume will be the relevant work experiences you have garnered in a similar job or industry.

To be qualified for shift manager position higher studies are not required a simple High School diploma or GED will suffice. The only thing that will matter will be your work experience. This is why I recommend that applicants for such a position use a simple resume template with the rever-chronological format as it will highlight your work experience.

4. Delivery Driver Resume

Ever wonder how stuff gets from one place to another? Well, it’s not magic if that’s what you were wondering. Delivery drivers are a crucial part of the Global Supply Chain. This job is widely available and can only be really afforded by those who can take on the toll of being on the road for extended periods of time. The good news is that you don’t need much to qualify for such a position if you can prove that you can take on the physical aspects of the job, have a GED and valid driving license you’re good to go. 

The national average salary for a Delivery Driver in the US is above $80000. As it is a job that requires a lot of physical labor the best way to demonstrate that you’re up to the task is to have some experience in driving for long stretches of time. Choose a simple resume template that highlights your physicality for a job as a Delivery Driver.

5. Owner Operator Driver

As the previous entry in this list suggests, truck driving is one of the most rewarding yet easily available jobs in the US today. Granted if you are physically capable of doing it. What could be better than being a truck driver for a company? Having your own truck driving company. 

If you can afford a truck then you can start operating your business without much of a problem. You can slowly grow your business into a fleet and be successful.

As suggested before truck driving is a major part of the Global Supply Chain and is very important for businesses to function. This is why sole proprietor trucking companies are so popular. 

On average an Owner Operator Driver in the US can earn up to $150,000 a year. For an Owner Operator Driver, we again suggest a simple resume template that will show the current standing of the business and your time spent building the business. This can be very useful when looking for opportunities for expansion.

There you have it 5 most demanding and in-demand jobs in the market today, and how to make resume tipsd that will help you land them.

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