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A Comprehensive Overview of The Makkah & Its Lesser-Known Facts

Mecca is now officially called Makkah Al-Mukarramah, previously its name was “Bakkah”. The Muslim sacred city is situated 450.4 km from Madina and 70 km inland from Jeddah, amid the dry sandy beds of Wadi-E-Ibrahim, and at an elevation of 227 m (909 ft.) well above the Red Sea. Makkah has the sacred centre (Qiblah) which Muslims turn to 5 times a day for offering prayers since the birth of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) – the Last Messenger Of Allah. Did you know, though, that Muslims have a religious responsibility to visit Makkah at least once in their lifetime? If you wanna know more about Makkah, keep reading;

Lesser-Known-Before Facts About Makkah:

If you are a Muslim, then it is necessary for you to have more knowledge regarding Makkah City. The following are 10 Unbelievable facts about Makkah that very few people are aware of:

1. Makkah is the world’s ancient inhabited city, with the Zamzam well alone dating back over 4000 years.

2. Musalla, the world’s highest prayer chamber, is 600 meters above sea level and is situated in the Makkah Clock Royal Tower hotel. The prayer chamber is also 500 meters away from the Sacred Kabah, making it Makkah’s closest prayer room.

3. Although there are many modern cars moving across the Arabian Peninsula presently. Did you know that the king of Makkah, Sharif Awn Al-Rafique, owned the very first car to enter Saudi Arabia?

4. Makkah has the world’s largest automated garbage or waste transfer network. It is meant to handle approximately 600 tons of waste or garbage generated during religious rituals.

5. Monte Carlo is the most highly-expensive land in the world because a square meter of land in Makkah costs $100,000.

6. In central Makkah, the Royal Clock Tower, commonly known as Abraj Al Bait, is the world’s third-highest building.

7. The metropolitan area of Makkah is approximately 500 square miles (1294 square kilometers).

8. Pilgrims who can’t afford hotel accommodations can sleep in sleeping pods in Makkah.

9. The water from Makkah’s Zamzam well is thought to have healing and health benefits.

10. Annually, an estimated 8 to 9 million pilgrims go to Makkah for performing Hajj and Umrah. 30 million individuals will visit Saudi Arabia by 2030, thanks to an increase in business travellers.

Is Makkah A Place Where You Can Live?

If you intend to live in Makkah, you should be aware of the following facts:

Makkah’s population is projected to be around 2,078,766 citizens. In Makkah, there’s no such thing required as nationality or residency visa. Residents of the Sacred City are given an iqama, which is a temporary residency permit that must be renewed every year. Furthermore, the government of Makkah has established strict laws prohibiting non-Muslims from entering the sanctified city due to its religious significance. Although the majority of Makkah’s residents work in the Hajj sector, the city also has a thriving economy.

Makkah’s overall urban economy depends on the service or commercial sector, which comprises textiles, utensils, furniture, and plenty of other commodities. Fruits and vegetables are generally imported from nearby cities due to the desert-like environment. The governor of Makkah has made it possible for boys and girls to get free education from primary school to higher education. In addition, residents have access to adequate and free-of-cost medical and health care services. Since the twenty-first century, the city of Makkah has undergone several structural improvements, including the expansion of the Masjid, clearing the area around Haram Sharif and the sacred shrines, advanced modes of transportation, effective sanitation and residential services. In short, Makkah is now a well-established city with limited but essential resources for a pleasant and peaceful lifestyle.

What’s On The Inside Of The Kabah?

The cube-shaped Sacred structure is approximately 50 feet high and 35 by 40 feet at the base, made of marble and grey stone. It is situated inside Haram, the Allah’s Grand Mosque. The door of the Sacred Kabah is made of gold, whereas inside the Kabah there are 3 pillars to support the ceiling and splendidly hand-crafted lamps. Quranic verses are written or engraved on the Holy Kabah’s walls and marble. Throughout the year, a huge black-colored fabric known as “Kiswah” is draped over the Kabah according to Islamic ritual.

At the eastern corner of Holy Kabah, the sacred black stone (Hajr-E-Aswad) from heaven is situated. The stone was given to Prophet Adam (AS) to plead for forgiveness if he was expelled from heaven, according to Islamic history and facts. The precious and sanctified stone has been broken into pieces now, and a weighted silver band holds the ring of stones together. On the floor, there is also a sacred landmark that indicates the precise location where Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) used to pray.

Summing Up:

Masjid-E-Haram, the sanctified and largest Mosque in the world, is located in Makkah. The city, formerly known as Bakkah, Ummul-Qura, and Al-Qaryah, is religiously significant for all Muslims. In Makkah, there is also the Holy Kabah, which is the focus of all ritual prayers, and the ZamZam Well. It is believed that angels protect Makkah and will not allow evil to enter the sacrosanct land.

A large number of Muslims from all around the world visit Makkah every year to perform their religious obligation pertaining to Umrah and Hajj. So, if you want to visit the sanctified land of Makkah and to perform Hajj, then Muslims Holy Travel will assist you in this regard. You just need to book one of our best yet affordable All-Inclusive Hajj Packages with top-notch facilities and ultimate convenience.

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