A Professional Review Of iTop VPN

Your PC is not complete without a VPN, especially if you browse a lot. A VPN is handy to grant you a private connection to a public network.

There are several VPN services, and getting the best may be challenging. One of the best VPNs around is iTop VPN. We are reviewing this utility to see how great it is.

Features of iTop VPN

When weighing the greatness of a VPN for a PC, you start by checking its features and resources. iTop VPN has a wide array of features that make it convenient. Highlighted below are some of them.


The first feature to appreciate about this VPN is its functionality. It has plenty of resources that uphold this attribute. It does an excellent job of ensuring browsing security, which we will look at later. 

Some of the functions this utility is capable of include hiding your IP address, split tunnel connection, and unlimited bandwidth.


A reason for having a VPN is to secure your computer when browsing, seeing that you are exposed to various risks. Going back to iTop’s functionality, security is one of the areas to appreciate its usability. 

Supporting resources include the anti-phishing tool, which prevents malicious websites from accessing your private info. iTop is continuously working and sifting away sites that present a phishing threat.

The other resource that upholds security is the anti-tracker that prevents malicious software and websites from tracking you. Also, there is an ad blocker to prevent stubborn ads from popping up as you browse.


Flexibility is another fantastic feature of this VPN. It is compatible with several operating platforms, such as Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. More good news is that it can work with fairly older versions of the operating systems.

You also notice iTop VPN’s versatility, where you can use one account on up to five devices. Its functionality is the same, top-notch, regardless of the devices logged on to an account. 

The Free Version

You can consider this utility to be the best free VPN for PC. Yes, you heard that right; you can use iTop for free. The free version does not need you to log into your account; you download it straight from the website and start using it after installation.


iTop wants the best experience for all its clients. You notice this through the reasonable prices of the premium plans, with discounts of up to 86%. Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not content with the product.

Customer support is available round the clock to help with any issues with the tool.

Pros of iTop VPN

  • Easy to use
  • A free version
  • Upholds browsing security in many ways
  • Discounted prices on the premium plans
  • A 24/7 available customer support team
  • Compatible with several operating systems


This review shows that iTop VPN lives up to its name of being one of the best in the market. Try out this free VPN to get a taste of its excellence by installing it on your PC. 

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