Benefits And Uses Of Hosting Live Webinars Platform

As life shifted from offline to a completely virtual setup due to the deadly pandemic, people had to adapt accordingly worldwide. From no mobiles in the class to classes on mobile, the shift was uncalled for yet essential. Seminars became webinars and with time as generations adapted to the new normal, it was seen how these platforms were extremely convenient, pocket friendly, and less time-consuming when it came down to set up. It could often be seen how numerous companies and associations widely used webinars each day to educate and engage with the audience who could now join from around the world at a very minimal cost.

Live Webinar v/s Pre-recorded Webinar

It was noticed that the number of virtual events has doubled since 2020 as several organizations now prefer a virtual setup due to the robust and rich features and the endless flexibility of these virtual event service providers. Live webinars services can be customized to meet the needs of the end-users. The most engaging is the live video webinar whereas pre-recorded webinars provide the opportunity to share and reuse it easily in the future. It turns out to be more cost-effective. These virtual event platforms, like Dreamcast, provide different tools such as chat, whiteboard, and polls which can be used during a live webinar to understand the audience and to take up doubts after the session is over.

Key Features of Live Webinars

What makes Webinars most convenient and efficient is that it comes with numerous features which can be moulded and customised according to the needs of the users to support the cause behind conducting the webinar. Live video webinars or Live Webinars are the most widely used and most common webinars. They are easy to set up and deliver with the perk that they bring the most engagement to the audience on the table.

Many applications which provide the platform and space to conduct live webinars are present in the market. Some of them are free with each having its limitations but most of them can be converted to their limitless version at a nominal charge. These virtual event platforms come packed with numerous tools such as whiteboards, screen sharing, chat, jamboards, and much more.

Advantages of Live Webinars

A live webinar can be beneficial in different areas and can help deliver the following ideas:

  • It can help educate people about a particular issue or a business venture.
  • Secure a certain authority in the industry.
  • Training new interns or employees and connecting with existing employees.
  • Demonstrate various products and services provided by a company to expand the customer database.
  • The best part about various live webinar services is that they do not require an individual to deal with the complicated logistics of organizing a physical location and having to deal with the number of intricacies that come along with the organization part.

Uses of Live Webinar

Webinars tend to be a good medium of marketing where different brands or service providers could collaborate and share their marketing schemes, and partnership updates and talk about newly launched products. It helps in reaching a wider audience that can connect from across the world.

In Business:

Webinars have become popular among startups and companies which tend to display their products and give virtual demos to further take surveys and understand their customers at a deeper level. It helps them reach out to a broader spectrum of people and improve their relationship with the customers. It also becomes easier for the consumers to understand the benefits of a product so that they can compare it with the competing brands in the market and make the best buying decision for themselves and their family to achieve utmost satisfaction. These product demo webinars Platform ultimately serve as an opportunity that helps the seller showcase their product and the real outcomes and even the consumers can make a better judgment.

In Education:

Today Webinars are extremely exploited the most in the education sector and have emerged as a powerful learning tool for schools and universities. Webinars have become the best way in which educators can engage with students beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Learners can be a part of multiple programs and learn different things from the comfort of their homes. The pandemic has pushed educational institutions to shift from offline to online mode thereby causing a sudden increase in the use of online tools for conducting smooth webinars.

In Delivering Instructions and Training:

Communication is the key to success, may it be in aspects of life. In particular, it can be seen that these online tools did come in really handy when companies had to deliver training instructions to new employees or discuss important logistics with the existing employees. One of the major advantages was that it became so much easier to connect with the team at any place any time. Meetings and webinars could be held in the overseas offices as well to enhance the productivity of the company employees. To address a large group regarding the onboarding process webinars used pre-recorded videos or PowerPoint presentations to articulate and convey the motto, ideology, and the expectations of the company along with the company culture so that the recruits feel familiar with the vision and mission of the company. Moreover, live webinars with doubt sessions at the end can help the recruits on getting on the same page and understand the policies of the company better.


To conclude it can be said that webinars have become popular in every sector of the economy and play a crucial role in connecting with different people at the same time to deliver a particular content. With the world becoming more and more tech-savvy every day, it only makes sense that in no time webinars will be prioritized over other means as they are cheap, logistically convenient, and have the capability to connect with people all over the world. The live streaming services and tools such as polls, chats, and real-time sharing of content make it attractive. These increased advantages of the webinars make them even more popular and convenient to use.

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