Are you planning to visit Canada? Do you want to know how to obtain a CANADA visa for Italian or New Zealand citizens? Before you go ahead, read this article to find out more. You will learn what you should do and how long it takes. In addition, you will learn about the fees and processing time for an eTA. Read on to learn more about the requirements of a CANADA visa.


If you are an Italian or New Zealand citizen, you may need a CANADA visa to travel to Canada. While the process is different for each country, it is usually fairly simple. Generally, you need to show proof of residency in the country before applying for a CANADA visa. Once you have your application, you will receive an email confirming your approval or denial. If your application is declined, you can choose to have your passport mailed to you.


If you’re a citizen of Italy or New Zealand, you may qualify for an eTA. You must be at least 18 years old. Minors must have the permission of their parent or guardian. Applicants must be in good health and have the funds to support themselves while in Canada. Their passports must be valid. Applicants must not have any criminal records or be under the age of 25.

CANADA eTA processing time

The CANADA eTA processing time for Italian and New Zealand citizens varies depending on the amount of documentation you have. It is generally 96 hours from the time you submit the form to when it is approved, though some applicants may experience a longer waiting period. The processing time depends on the amount of data you have to provide, which can be difficult if you do not have all of the documents in hand.


EU citizens are exempt from CANADA eTA fees if they are traveling to Canada on a short-term basis for up to 90 days. They must also pay a fee for International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy. This tax is used to fund local conservation efforts. In addition, applicants must provide their passport details and travel plans. Some eTA applications ask questions about the applicant’s health and previous security incidents.

CANADA eTA requirements

A recent case study shows that Italian and New Zealand citizens require a CANADA eTA to enter Canada. These two countries, which have relatively low levels of immigration, have very strict immigration rules. Therefore, citizens of these countries are often forced to use an eTA. However, many Canadian citizens can get by without one. Nevertheless, citizens of both countries should understand the CANADA eTA requirements before flying to Canada.

CANADA eTA application process

If you are a citizen of Italy or New Zealand, you can easily travel to Canada without a visa by registering online for the CANADA eTA. This electronic travel authorization is linked to your passport and grants visa-free entry to Canada for a maximum of five years. In case your passport expires, you must submit a new application online. The CANADA eTA is linked to your passport, so you will not need to go to the embassy to obtain a standard visa.

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