Couch Covers – How To Clean Them Up For Maintaining Their Original Looks

This isn’t the first time when you have purchased covers for your couches. You love the different looks, patterns and colors that each set comes with. So, to be on the safer side and to change the look of the sofa from time to time, you have invested a lot of money on multiple sofa covers. Now, remember, these covers are to be reused multiple times until the fabric gets torn off. So, taking care of it from time to time is your responsibility.

Remember that covers must be cleaned up to maintain its original glow and look. You cannot forget about the couch covers once you have put them on. It is mostly recommended to wash the covers once in a month. If you have hyperactive kids and pets running around, then the washing time will increase. It depends on what’s the current condition of the sofa covers is.

Depending on the materials:

Now, there are some sofa covers, which you cannot wash at home because of the fabric materials. For such covers, you need professional help to clean them up. Some fabrics can be washed in you washing machine.

  • To be on the safer side, make sure to ask your furniture or fabric store or even the main manufacturer regarding the washing techniques.
  • All these sofa covers will come with washing instructors, sewn at the side of the fabric. So, when it is time to clean the covers, make sure to follow those instructions without any deviation.
  • It is not a safe point to use your idea while cleaning sofa covers. If you don’t have any knowledge about the fabric material, then you are likely to ruin the fabrics. Some fabrics can even shrink down because of wrong washing means. So, checking out the instructions is important.

Always use a gentle soap:

Even if you are planning to wash the covers in washing machine, be prepared to use a mild and gentle washing powder for the cleaning purposes. Even the choice of soap depends on the fabric materials.

  • It is always important to look for a detergent that doesn’t have any dyes.
  • Moreover, if you are a light colored sofa cover, make sure to clean it separately. Don’t mix your cover with other clothing items to prevent color bleeding.
  • On the other hand, the mode you generally use for washing sofa covers in machine is different from washing your regular clothing items. So, fix that mode before clicking the “start” button.

Be sure of the hand wash materials:

Most of the sofa covers are machine washed these days. But, there are some, which literally needs hand washing, like silk sofa covers. You can get the best detergent powder at home and try hand washing the cover by you or can give it to the laundry company for help. The experts have been hand washing same quality sofa covers for a long time. Therefore, working on your piece won’t be difficult. Check out the instructions first before taking a decision.

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