scholarship to study mba in uk

Description of Scholarships Offered to Study MBA in UK

Scholarships at UK to Study MBA

Just because of ranked high in education, UK holds the highest education fees in comparison to other countries. Due to higher cost, you should never give-up with the dream to study abroad. You can study with scholarships. Here is description of scholarships offered to study MBA in UK. Scholarships are important for every student whether it is rich or poor. With scholarship, you can save your money. But, there is no procedure to apply direct for the scholarship. First, you should enter your eligibility then they will decide whether you are eligible for scholarship or not. I am listing most important scholarship from which you can choose according to your course and eligibility.

List of Scholarships to Study MBA in UK

I am listing 7 scholarships for which you can apply to pursue your studies. So, these are:

  1. Inlaks Scholarship
  2. Felix Scholarship
  3. Chevening Scholarships
  4. Commonwealth Masters Scholarships
  5. The Global Study Awards
  6. GREAT Scholarships
  7. Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

Inlaks Scholarship

Only Indian students are applicable for Inlaks Scholarship but only those who dream to study MBA in the UK. This scholarship is offered by Shivdasani Foundation. It provides education help, travel help, help in accommodation expenses, etc. Only MBA students can apply for these Scholarships.

Felix Scholarship

This scholarship is best for only Indian you really desire to complete degree of MBA in the UK. It can be applicable only for MBA course. This scholarship gives 100% funding to the students with one return ticket to India and helps in living expenses also.

Chevening Scholarships

This scholarship is totally depends on merit of the students. This scholarship is also especially provided to MBA students who came from India to UK. Also, it will provide you arrival ticket, living expenses, education help, VISA help, etc. And this scholarship provides you 100% funding.

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships

Commonwealth Masters Scholarships is offered by FCDO which stands for Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office. It is applicable for Indians who are belongs to middle income family. Also, this chooses the excellent and talented candidates who choose take full-time MBA program in the UK.

The Global Study Awards

This scholarship offers funding to the both Indians and to them who belongs to any other country. Also, the Global Study Awards is established by British Council.

GREAT Scholarships

GREAT Scholarships is for those candidates who wish to choose to pursue MBA from the University of UK. Also, GREAT Scholarships is applicable for Indian Students as well as it accept the students from other countries. This scholarship only covers education fees and not available for living expenses.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships covers the tuition fees, living cost, extra curriculum fares, etc. You can also apply for this Scholarship. You will get colleges according to the scholarship you get. So, take the scholarships very carefully.

To apply for scholarship, you can visit official website of UK and also visit overseas education consultants. They will fill your form of scholarship.

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