Digital Marketing Training In Dubai With Nlptech Experts

The only digital marketing training program in which you can gain in-depth knowledge

Digital marketing managers oversee their organization’s online marketing strategy. They plan and execute digital marketing campaigns (including email) and develop, maintain and deliver content for the organization’s site. They also communicate with the public via social media and ensure the flow of visitors to digital websites.

Digital marketing training in Dubai analyzes and reports on visitor data and develops new ways to promote products. They often work for retailers with an online presence, financial institutions, charities, and publishers. They may also work for digital marketing companies. Daily work:

A digital marketing manager will typically

Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns

Overseeing social media strategy

Managing and maintaining the organization’s website(s).

Writing and optimizing content for the website and social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.

Monitor and analyze website traffic and produce regular internal reports.

Achieving key performance indicators such as reducing site bounce rates, increasing time on site or increasing conversions.

Continuously work on search engine optimization of the site.

Correcting errors and omissions in web content

Editing and publishing videos, podcasts, and audio material on online sites

Organization of webinars and webcasts

Creating online banner ads and managing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Writing copy for email marketing campaigns

Identifying new trends in digital marketing, evaluating new technologies, and ensuring that the brand is at the forefront of industry developments, particularly in mobile marketing.

Developing printed material to complement online products

Participate in product launches and networking events

Key skills

Editing and writing skills: developing and editing content for various digital platforms. Writing blog posts may be an integral part of the job.

Public speaking skills: These are mainly internal. You must be able to explain in a coherent way to others who may not be familiar with the medium how digital technology works and what marketing objectives it serves.

Video editing skills

Web development skills: a digital marketing manager is not a software developer, but should have an in-depth knowledge of HTML/JavaScript, a good understanding of search engine optimization, and advanced Word and PowerPoint skills.

Project management skills

Project management is a skill and can be improved by doing courses or getting certifications like capm certification. Practical training is a vital link between the theoretical knowledge base and professional practice. While practical knowledge will certainly be an asset in your career, you should aim to learn various aspects of the profession during your apprenticeship to prepare for a wide range of professional profiles, thus increasing your employability. Treat every job as a learning opportunity and combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills to achieve the best possible results.

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