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The DNA Nutrition Test – Is it Accurate?

The DNA nutrition test is a revolutionary new way to discover how much your genetics determine the health benefits of certain foods. Using your genetics to help guide you through meal planning and choosing the right foods to eat, you can build a nutritious plate that is tailored to your unique needs. These reports include a complete analysis of your genes and your body’s response to the different macronutrients. You can even determine your genetic baseline for fat tolerance.


The Gene Food nutrition test is designed to help people make dietary changes based on their genetic makeup. They use scientific studies that involve SNPs to grade foods. Their website is HIPAA-compliant and adheres to the California Online Privacy Protection Act. Unlike some companies, Gene Food is completely confidential and does not share any of their client’s genetic information with anyone. Customers can download their raw data files from Gene Food’s website and upload them to receive a customized nutrition plan based on their DNA.

In addition to providing comprehensive nutrition reports, Gene Food offers health coaching services. The company takes privacy seriously, never selling or sharing the information they collect from their customers. DNAWeekly rates Gene Food 8 out of 10 and comments on how affordable it is. Other reviews on Trustpilot give the company a 4.6/5 rating. Overall, Gene Food is a good choice for those looking to focus on their diet instead of their genetic make-up.

Circle Premium

The company DNAfit markets the Circle Premium DNA nutrition test by offering a lifetime subscription to the DNA database. These DNA updates include new categories and reports and will be available at no charge to you. The test has been around since 2005, so it is the first of its kind and a great investment in your health. However, there are concerns about the accuracy and the reliability of DNA-based health advice. Here are some things to keep in mind before you purchase the Circle Premium DNA nutrition test.

The CircleDNA report is easy to read through the accompanying Circle Mobile App, which you can download from Google Play or the Apple App Store. It offers easy-to-read PDFs, and includes the results of 15 different dietary items. The tests also include information on alcohol sensitivity, lactose intolerance, and coelia. You can also find out your fitness level and what type of exercise is best for you, as well as how much sleep you need each night.


Using a direct-to-consumer genetic test provider, SneakPeek(r) developed a new test that helps identify fetal sex at seven weeks of gestation. The test uses cell-free fetal DNA to detect Y-chromosome DNA in a sample. It also helps identify the sex of a baby at birth. A study conducted by the biotech company also found that the SneakPeek test was 100% accurate for identifying the gender of a baby at birth.

The test can be used to predict the gender of a baby as early as six weeks of gestation. It is guaranteed to match the fetal chromosome. It is incredibly easy to use and aligns valid results for visible progress tracking. Premom is an application that automatically aligns valid test results for visible progression tracking. Using Premom, a free app that identifies the fertile window of a pregnancy, the SneakPeek can provide accurate gender predictions for a year.


Unlike other nutrition tests, the VITL DNA nutrition test is highly accurate. Using saliva, this test provides a comprehensive analysis of your genetic make-up. It can also reveal whether or not you have food intolerances or sensitivity to fruit sugars. Although the test does not report on lactose intolerance, the results can be valuable for creating a new diet and fitness routine. You will receive a comprehensive report two to three weeks after receiving the sample.

The VITL DNA nutrition test requires a cheek swab, which provides in-depth information on your genetic makeup. For PS69, this test will give you detailed information about your health. For a small amount, it can be a perfect gift to a loved one. Moreover, it can help you determine the secret to a happy and healthy life. The price of the test is very affordable, too, so it’s the perfect gift.

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