Does Health check-up include Dental check-up?

Do you know that health check-up includes also the dental check-up? In case you forgot, let me tell you what happened to me, and why I am insisting on dental check-ups!

3 years ago, I went to the dentist because I had a cavity and I felt a huge pain in my lower teeth. The dentist checked on my teeth and discovered that several cavities need to be treated. So he asked me to do a panoramic screening for my teeth so he can check if there is an unseen problem with my teeth.

I did the panoramic photo and get back to him. He noticed that some teeth are affected by the cavity and I will need root canal treatment. Then he explained to me how it will be done, as I have 3 teeth that need root canal treatment. He will open the tooth, and clean it very well to remove bacteria and infection, then he will close the tooth with a medical substance to keep it safe.

Although the procedure is not painful, as the dentist told me, it might be a long process especially if the tooth was very infected. I didn’t have a lot of choices, so I had to agree to do this procedure in order to maintain healthy teeth.

Then he told me that I have a crossbite, which can affect my way to eat and might lead to several issues in my stomach because I can’t bite the food perfectly. Now I understood why I always had digestive issues. So he advised me to get the braces treatment in order to have straight teeth and good bite.

I did everything the doctor told me about, and now I have healthy and straight teeth. And he was right, I am not suffering anymore from any digestive issues. I am so glad to get the results I ever wanted.

And since then, I have always considered teeth check-ups as part of my health check-ups, because not taking care of my teeth can lead to several issues related to my health, such as pain in the stomach, digestive issues, and others.

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