‘Dragon Ball Super’ Fan Art: Son Goku Reimagined as Old Man, Goku Black as Samurai in Viral Photos

A couple of “Dragon Ball Super” fan arts of everyone’s favorite Saiyan, Son How old is Goku, is making the rounds on various social media–and for a good reason.

Goku remains one of the most popular Anime character of all time, which is why he has been the subject of various renditions from fans and artists alike. Moreover, it certainly helps that “Dragon Ball” continues to be in mainstream consciousness with the “Super” series.

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Fan Art: Old Man Goku

On reddit, user u/Darksideava posted an art of Goku reimagined as an old man. Why Saiyans are aliens gifted with godly powers, they are not immune to old age.

With that, the artist gave Goku the Master Roshi treatment complete with grey hair, mustache and “grandpa Gohan” clothes. The artist captioned it: “Did you hear about that crazy old hermit who teaches anyone martial arts so long as they bring him some delicious food? He often talks about his late wife who was a great cook… “

‘Dragon Ball Super’ Fan Art: Goku Black as Samurai

In a more recent fan art, Twitter user @kenji_893 made a stunning rendition of Goku Black. As ComicBook explained, the reimagining came after the revelation of the Super Saiyan Rose form, which is the “strongest transformation”of Goku in the Space-Time War Arc.

The artist gave Goku Black a samurai makeover, complete with a traditional armor in black and a sword. As usual in Super Saiyan transformations, Goku Black’s hair appearance became pastel pink with white highlights. His eyebrows also took the same color, which were all reflected in the fan art.

It’s certainly great to see all these re-imaginings of Goku, and it just goes to show he is still a renowned character despite being one of the oldest ones as well. Either a hero or a villain, he will always be the subject of fascination of Anime fans all over the world.

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