Fixed: TP-Link AC1200 Extender Not Connecting to Internet Issue

People perform TP-Link AC1200 setup in order to gain access to a seamless and lag-free internet connection. However, what is the use of setting up an extender when it has to burden users with internet-related issues? Yes, that’s right! Many users have reported that they are facing the extender not connecting to internet with their TP-Link AC1200 mesh WiFi extenders. Are you one of them? Yes? Well then, walk through this post. Here, we have shed light on the troubleshooting hacks through which resolving this issue will become a piece of cake for you. But, before you do that, you need to learn about the reasons behind the issue. Thus, go through the section below.

Reasons: TP-Link AC1200 Not Connecting to Internet

  • You haven’t performed TP Link AC1200 setup in a proper manner.
  • The Ethernet cable connecting your devices is either worn out or has cuts.
  • You have placed your devices far from each other.
  • WiFi interference can also cause the extender not connecting to internet issue.
  • There is some issue from your Internet Service Provider’s end.

Resolved: TP-Link AC1200 Not Connecting to Internet

1. Give Your TP-Link Extender a Restart

We did not mention this point in the reasons section but technical glitches can also cause the TP-Link AC1200 mesh extender not connecting to internet issue. But, the good thing is that these glitches can be rectified if you reboot your wireless device. Here’s how:

  • Unplug the power cord connecting to your repeater.
  • Hold on for a few seconds.
  • Plug the power cord back into your repeater and switch it on.

Are you done rebooting your TP-Link AC1200 mesh extender? Good. Now, check whether the TP-Link AC1200 mesh extender not connecting to internet issue has bid farewell to you.

2. Verify Your Ethernet Connection

If you are struggling to make amends with the TP-Link AC1200 mesh extender not connecting to internet issue, then it is probably because of the unstable connection between your extender and router.

Therefore, it is recommended that you bring a new Ethernet cable. If this little hack does not bear fruit for you, use a wireless source to connect your devices.

3. Reduce the Distance Between Devices

A communication gap can occur if the distance between your TP-Link AC1200 mesh extender and the home router is way more than it should be. Therefore, consider bringing your WiFi devices closer. But, make sure that there is a safe distance maintained between them. Or else, their signals might clash and give you a hard time.

4. Avoid WiFi Interference

While users are performing TP-Link AC1200 setup by accessing the login page, we always recommend that they place their extenders in a zone free of WiFi interference. But, they neglect this and later come across internet-related issues.

Therefore, make sure that you haven’t placed your TP-Link wireless repeater in a room filled with electronic devices and transmitting appliances. If you have, then you need to change its location without thinking twice.

5. Call Your Internet Service Provider

If you are still struggling with the TP-Link AC1200 mesh extender not connecting to internet issue, then perhaps it’s time to contact your Internet Service Provider.

What happened? Does he agree that the issue is because of something that he did? Well then, what are you waiting for? Give him a strict deadline to troubleshoot it.

6. Restore Your TP-Link Extender

Although the aforementioned tips will help you fix the TP-Link AC1200 mesh extender not connecting to internet issue, in case they don’t, you can always try to reset your wireless device. The process is quite easy. Still, if you need assistance in executing it, here is what you need to do:

  • Look for the Reset button on your TP-Link AC1200 extender.
  • Press it as soon as you locate it.
  • Wait patiently.

Now, make use of the TP Link Deco app and configure your mesh extender from scratch.

The Bottom Line

Experiencing the TP-Link AC1200 mesh extender not connecting to internet issue is quite common. However, troubleshooting it is not. We hope that after taking the help of the hacks given above, you will be able to get rid of the issue at hand.

If you are well aware of any other hack through which this issue can be resolved, why don’t you take this chance to help out your fellow readers by dropping a comment in the section below? Sounds great, isn’t it?

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