gmail not receiving email

Gmail Not Receiving Emails.

Facing issues while receiving emails on Gmail and looking for the solution for it?

Mark this date as your lucky day because in this article, we will be listing some of the potential fixes which you can try out to get rid of Gmail not getting emails issued.

Ways to Resolve Gmail email not Receiving Issues.

These are the ways to resolve Gmail not getting emails issues, we have executed thoroughly research and detailed analysis before listing these fixes, so there are probable chances that these fixes may resolve Gmail not receiving email issues.

Now, let’s head to the fixes one by one.

Be Sure about your Internet Connection.

The first and foremost thing which you have to make sure of in order to get rid of your query titled Why is my Gmail is not receiving emails is be sure about your internet connection which simply means if your internet connection is not that fast as well as table, then there are sure possibilities that you will indulge with Gmail not receiving emails 2022 kind of issues.

Also, it is pretty obvious that if you are connected to an ample internet connection, you will face issues in loading, scrolling, and many more such issues which have enough potential to irritate you. So, before moving to the next fix, make sure you are connected to an ample internet connection.

Manage your Gmail Space or Upgrade your Google Drive Storage.

This storage issue is with us all, we all have a similar habit of keeping messages and files that are no more of use or say unwanted and due to this, we will encounter issues such as Gmail not receiving emails.

So to get rid of this issue, you have two choices: either simply head to your Gmail inbox and delete or say remove the large and unwanted files from Google Drive to make sure there is enough space for the new mails and messages.

Another alternative, you can try out to resolve this storage issue and will be able to receive new emails is by upgrading your Google drive storage space.

Upgrading your Google drive will not only give you more space for emails but for contacts, images, and videos as well as for documents.

Double-Check whether your Emails are not moving to the other folders.

If you are still experiencing why my Gmail is not receiving emails even after applying the above fixes, then there is a possibility that the email you’re looking forward to is heading somewhere else. In many cases, it has been that due to Gmail’s automatic system of sorting and filtering emails into varied folders, it shifts mails for new senders to the spam folders.

Yes, you are guessing it right, you have to look for the spam folder and get into it to check whether your emails are not moving into the spam folder.

You can reach the spam folder by tapping on Spam from Gmail’s left sidebar, if you notice that the email you are wandering for is there, simply open it and choose Report, not spam, or move to inbox.

Along with this, If you are also not able to send email through Gmail, you can read my article which is all about how to fix Gmail not sending email.

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