Free Things to Do in Auckland

If you’re looking for free things to do in Auckland, there are plenty of places to explore. You can spend an entire day at the beach, or explore Cornwall Park, Manukau Heads Lighthouse, or Mount Eden. Or, you can choose to take a day trip from Auckland to a nearby city. Read on for tips. Here are some of the best free things to do in Auckland. Let us know if you spot any free activities that we missed in the comments.

Cornwall Park

If you are looking for something free to do in Auckland, you should check out Cornwall Park. It is an idyllic oasis nestled in the city and spans six hundred acres. It has an array of activities for the whole family, from casual strolls to a picnic, and even has its own onsite cafe! While there, you can take a look at the native plants and animals, or you can even take part in egg rolling competitions.

One of the best things about Cornwall Park is the green pocket around One Tree Hill. The park is filled with flower beds and trees, making it the perfect place to enjoy a picnic during the summer months. You can also stop by the Information Centre and explore trending exhibitions. There are also various recreational activities and events in Cornwall Park that are free of charge and open to everyone. If you visit the park during the spring, you’ll be treated to the beautiful cherry blossoms!

Manukau Heads Lighthouse

If you’re looking for free activities in Auckland, one of the most fascinating sites is the Manukau Heads Lighthouse. This landmark sits on the southern shore of Manukau Heads. With its close proximity to the water, this location is prone to wind. Bring a windbreaker or layers of clothing, because it can be chilly. The lighthouse can be reached by car, and it’s also about a 25-minute drive from the Awitu Park.

The lighthouse itself was built in 1874, and is open to the public. There’s no entrance fee, but donations are appreciated. Another free thing to do in Auckland is to walk the Manukau Harbour walkway, which runs from downtown to Manukau Harbour. You can walk or take the bus there, and you’ll pass by some key landmarks. You might even catch a glimpse of a dolphin or two while you’re there.

Mount Eden

If you have never been to Mount Eden, you should try it! It is a dormant volcano that is covered with grass that offers spectacular views of the city. Climbing Mount Eden will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes. At the top, you can see the entire Auckland area. The crater on the summit is 50 metres deep, and the views are truly spectacular. If you’re a backpacker, you can get a backpacker card to access the Skytower for $20. You can even jump off the volcano!

You’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the city from the summit. Auckland is also home to some of the world’s most iconic volcanoes, including Mount Eden. It is free to climb the volcanoes in Auckland, and many of them offer 360-degree vistas. Mount Eden and Mount Victoria are both beautiful, and they both boast historic Maori sites. You can also take a day trip to Rangitoto, which is a great place to spend a day. A day trip to Auckland’s beaches is also a must.

Day trips from Auckland

There are many day trips from Auckland that are both nature-based and interesting. Whether you want to go to a beautiful beach town like Piha or check out the hot springs and glowworms of the Coromandel Peninsula, there is something for everyone. You can also head to a foodie town like Matakana. You may want to hire a car to get to your destination. Day trips from Auckland are a great way to discover the city’s diverse landscapes.

The Coromandel Peninsula is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Auckland. This area features ancient forests and stunning white-sand beaches. It is an incredible destination for those interested in culture and nature. Those who are adventurous can also take a day trip to the famous Rotorua Caves, which are located about two and a half hours from Auckland. While you’re there, make sure to visit the Coromandel Lighthouse.

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