Melbourne is considered one of the best places to visit and try every aspect of its vivid culture. From  Melbourne’s culinary, drink, coffee, art, theatre, and sports culture to lush green gardens and amazing nightlife. There’s a fun and adventurous activity for everyone, no matter if you’re visiting for the first time or you’ve lived there for a while.  Regardless of whether you’ve travelled to the city before or not, there are a few things one must do when in Melbourne. 

Push your limits with skydiving

You may easily mark this item off your bucket list if you’ve always wanted to go skydiving and your trip to Melbourne is the ideal opportunity for it. Melbourne is home to a number of skydiving centres where you can pursue this adventure with the top instructors.  You will see this stunning city from up high and get to take in all its beautiful beaches, bushland and greenery from a different angle.

Hop on the steam train

This is a bit more laid back than skydiving, but it’s still a lot of fun. Get on a steam train in Melbourne if you want to experience an amazing adventure and be transported back in time. The train will rattle past the stunning terrain, giving you the impression that you are in a scene from an old movie. Due to the lack of well-preserved steam railways worldwide, Puffing Billy is one of the most well-known and oldest rides of its kind.

Take in Melbourne from a hot air balloon

Can you imagine seeing the sunrise from a hot air balloon? Where do we sign up for this? Fortunately for, anyone who’s visiting Melbourne, there’s a fun activity that can turn your imagination into a real deal. The fact that the weather determines where a hot air balloon lands are what makes them exciting. This means that each ride is a unique experience and no two are the same because you’ll see a different part of Melbourne each time.

Find your way to the best hidden bars

Melbourne has a rich nightlife for every distinct taste out there. But, if you feel like going to a place that isn’t as easily accessible and is considered as hidden, Melbourne has a lot to offer in that domain as well. Especially if you’re in the mood for adventure, with a dash of mystery, That will lead to you to some of the most amazing cocktail bars in Melbourne. 

…and explore other not-so-hidden treasures

If you feel like cocktail bars won’t satiate your adventure-seeking gene, you can also explore other spots across Melbourne. For example, you can visit a Melbourne brothel of your choice and fulfil a fantasy or two. Or, you can dance the night away at popular clubs on St Kilda, Fitzroys, and other popular areas of the city. There are also several live music venues like The Night Cat or Cherry Bar. 

Take a cruise on the Yarra River

You may simply locate a cruise that offers everything you want for a truly wonderful experience, from daytime to nocturnal cruises. You can take a two-hour boat down the Yarra River and view the Government House and other notable Melbourne landmarks. You can also go on an evening cruise, see the city from a different angle and at night and enjoy a tasty dinner and drinks.

Drive along the Great Ocean Road

 The Great Ocean Road, which begins 1.5 hours from the CBD in Torquay and ends just outside Warrnambool, is undoubtedly one of Victoria’s most well-known tourist attractions. If you love nature, if you find its sounds soothing and the scenery mesmerising, this is your chance to reconnect to it. Whether you’ll be driving, strolling, horseback riding, surfing, sailing, or cycling along this curving stretch of the Great Ocean Road, you’ll be happy that you’ve decided to go on this adventure. 

We hope these ideas have sparked your interest and your craving for adventure. You’ll wish you never had to leave Melbourne and you’ll probably discover additional adventures, just to stay longer and enjoy this amazing city for a bit longer. 

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