Gmail doesn't work on iPhone

Why My iPhone Doesn’t Support Gmail? The Solution Is Here!

Your Gmail password is valid, but your email won’t load on your iPhone or iPad. Maybe Gmail was working on your iPhone before you went on vacation. In this article, We’ll explain why Gmail doesn’t work on iPhone and iPad, and how to solve it like a

The Issue:  Security is a major concern for both businesses and consumers nowadays for Gmail stopped working on iPhone. Companies don’t want to be sue, and neither do consumers. Sadly, when security is tighten without explanation, many people find themselves locked out of their own accounts.

How to Fix Gmail On iPhone Or iPad?

For those who know their Gmail passwords but still can’t access their mail:

1. Check Gmail For Alerts

The Mail app on your iPhone or iPad can’t tell us why you can’t sign in, so we need to go to the Gmail website. The best way to navigate the Gmail website is on a computer, although this method works on iPhone and iPad. too

  • Enter your email address and password at
  • When using an iPhone, you may be prompt to download an app, but now is not the time. Activate the bottom “mobile Gmail site” link.
  • After logging in, look for a message that says “Someone has your password” or “We blocked a sign-in attempt.” If you get a box or email like that, click the link inside that says “Review Your Devices Now”, “That Was Me”, or anything similar.

2. Check Your Recent Devices On Google

Visit the Device activity & notifications section of Google’s My Account website even if you didn’t get an email about a banned sign-in attempt. You’ll be able to check recent attempts to sign in and unblock those that were you. (Hopefully, they’re all you!)

Your email should start loading on your iPhone or iPad when you inform Google you tried to sign in. If Gmail is still Gmail not working on iPhone, read on.

3. Reset The CAPTCHA

A CAPTCHA reset in Gmail temporarily opens some Google security mechanisms, allowing new devices to login to Gmail.

4. Enable IMAP

If still Doesn’t Gmail Work On My iPhone. It’s also possible that IMAP (the technology Gmail uses to deliver mail to your device) is disable in Gmail’s settings. If IMAP is disable on, you won’t be able to access your email.

5. Reset Your Gmail Account On Your iPhone

If you can connect to on your iPhone without issues, you’ve reset the CAPTCHA and you’re confident IMAP is enable, it’s time to try the current version of the “unplug it and plug it back in” solution: Remove your Gmail account from your iPhone and re-add it.

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