Google Launches Retail Search for eCommerce Sites: What Does It Mean for Retailers?

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Google Retail Search, a fully managed search engine that Google has just launched, brings smart search to eCommerce sites. This eCommerce product search feature has been integrated into eCommerce websites to deliver Google-quality search results for broad search queries. It also helps online retailers reduce search abandonment. A term that refers to the percentage of visitors who leave a website without purchasing anything or adding any items to their cart.

For eCommerce sellers on Amazon, Walmart Market and other websites selling eCommerce products, eCommerce search abandonment can be a frustrating problem. A Harris Poll survey found that approximately 76% of U.S. shoppers abandon a website after failing to find the right product on an eCommerce site. 48 percent then go elsewhere for the item. 52 percent of respondents said that they abandon their carts if they don’t find the item in an eCommerce store.

Every year, the U.S. has a $300 billion eCommerce abandonment problem due to consumers’ unfavorable online experiences. This is why it is important to offer high-quality brand experiences to shoppers during the eCommerce product discovery phase. It will minimize the chance of them leaving your store. This is why Google Retail Search was created.

Selling on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms? Learn all about Google Retail Search and how it can help you with your eCommerce Marketing strategy.

Google Retail Search and the Solution to Most eCommerce Product Search Engines

Online shopping sites now offer almost any product you can imagine. You can buy almost any item, from home appliances and apparel to homes and movies, with just a click. It is difficult to ensure that consumers find the exact item they are looking for and stand out among hundreds (if not thousands) of Amazon ads.

Your eCommerce product search functionality should work seamlessly, regardless of whether you sell on Amazon, your online shop, or any other product discovery platform. There should be no need to navigate through unrelated search results or category landing pages. Just fast and accurate eCommerce search results that provide the right product search results for consumers, even if they misspelled or used incorrect words.

THE PROBLEM: While advanced technology can be used to identify user preferences and provide personalized product recommendations, many eCommerce product search engines that are built on online shops do not offer a unique eCommerce search experience.

Search for a book to find a bunch of completely unrelated books. You can search for “soda cooler” to get hundreds of relevant eCommerce product searches results. But search for “soda chiller” instead. Some product discovery platforms don’t even have one.

The experience will be quite different if you do the same thing on a popular eCommerce product search channel such as Amazon or Google.

Amazon and other big market players have improved search engines to provide relevant results based upon user intent. This is great news for Amazon sellers and advertisers. But, this is bad news for Amazon sellers who are still stuck with their default eCommerce product search engine. This can slow down their customers’ shopping experience.

Online sellers can now use Google-quality search capabilities to improve customer shopping experience right from the product discovery phase with the Google Retail Search.

Google Retail Search Helps in the Product Discovery Process

Google Retail Search allows eCommerce property owners to integrate data in existing tools such as Google Analytics 360 and BigQuery to track search performance.

Retail Search is based on Google’s years of search experience and allows businesses to create customer-focused searches by understanding customers’ intent and mapping it into product inventory. This fully customizable solution allows consumers to find eCommerce products easier by using features like auto-complete, relevant promos, and personalized results.

Google Retail Search has the following capabilities:

* Advanced Query Understanding – A better understanding of the user’s intent leads to more relevant eCommerce product search results.
* Optimized Results- Based on user interaction, indexing and retrieval models to reach business goals.
* Semantic Search – Interprets search intent using factors such as location, user search history and spelling variations. To deliver high-quality search results.
* Advanced Security and Privacy – Strong security and privacy controls complying with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This protects retailer data. You can be sure your data is safe and secure.
* Vision Product Search – Machine learning-powered object recognition capabilities that allow product image searches and provide relevant product recommendations.

Amazon Search Engine vs. Google Retail Search

Google aims to divert business away from Amazon by providing better eCommerce search results. What is the difference between Amazon’s search engine and Google Retail Search, you ask?

You may be selling on Amazon or advertising there. Amazon A10 is a search engine that Amazon developed. It was previously known as Amazon A9. Amazon’s search algorithm is very similar to Google’s. It analyses keywords search queries and analyzes past traffic patterns to match customer intent and relevant products, thereby providing the best Amazon shopping experience.

Amazon’s search function is only available through the platform, and not Google Retail Search. Amazon also hosts many brands and sellers. The Amazon A10 algorithm analyses several factors to determine which products are at the top search results.

* Keywords
* Sales conversions
* Customer reviews
* Performance history
* Delivery time
* Prices

A targeted Amazon Advertising strategy is a key part of selling on Amazon. Ranking high in search results is another important aspect. You need to make the most of your Amazon and Amazon advertising strategies.

* Optimize your listings
* Build better product detail pages
* Make sure your product images comply with Amazon’s image requirements
* Optimize your keyword strategy
* Learn good pricing guidelines

Advertising and marketing on Amazon is all about achieving higher search rankings. To stay at the top of search results, more than two-thirds all Amazon product clicks take place on page one of search results. You need to increase your keyword targeting capabilities and prioritize customers’ Amazon shopping experience.

Google Retail Search doesn’t require you to compete in Amazon’s saturated market. You can improve customer engagement and loyalty by providing a positive customer experience on your eCommerce website.

Profitable Retail Marketing Results with Google Retail Search

Today, many retailers are taking online sales to the next level by using Google Retail Search. Recent examples include Macy’s, an American chain of department stores, and IKEA.

Retail Search has helped Macy’s to improve click-through rates and revenue per visitor since it enabled them to gain a better understanding of their customers’ needs. With recommendation AI, IKEA retail saw a 2 percent increase in its average global order value.

Search is essential for positive shopping experiences. Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO), is a necessary step towards improving eCommerce SEO strategy results. According to recent tests conducted by Google Cloud Retail Search, sellers who make it easy for customers and prioritize their eCommerce SEO strategy see increased conversion rates and higher revenue per visit.

Retail Search offers highly relevant recommendations that will help you deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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