6 Different Ways to Wear a Scarf in Your Hair

There’s nothing I like more than a fantastic hair accessory. Most of the time, I opt for bows and hairbands or a hat. However, the scarf the scarf is getting a huge makeover and I’m absolutely in love. I’m always seeking ways to improve my hairstyles and appearance (only the amount of things I think I can achieve with my short hair!) So I’ll look for ideas wherever I can locate it. It’s amazing how something as easy as a scarf could completely change your look. But did you realize that there are so many ways to wear the scarf on your head? I sure didn’t, till now!

One of my most favorite aspects of the hairstyles for scarfs is that there are numerous colors and styles available. You can choose traditional square scarves like a bandana or even a large rectangular scarf of silk. Perhaps, you can “cheat” and buy one already tied and all you need to do is place it over your head. Whatever your preference for color or pattern is there’s a scarf for you. The possibilities are limitless.

How to Wear A Scarf In Your Hair: 6 Different Ways

Today, there are many ways to tie a scarf around your head. A simple Google search will fill you with ideas. And let’s face it we’ve all been through a messy hair day and needed scarves to hide the grease! It’s something to be thankful for, right? We all love choices! Today, I’m sharing six different ways to style a scarf in your hair. I’m contemplating for myself during the spring season.

Bun Swirl

It is possible to tie your hair up in an elegant loose top braid or bun, and then tie the hair around your base a few times to achieve this effortless elegant style. This style is the easiest when you are using the classic cotton bandana.

Ponytail Tie

The traditional ponytail tie is definitely the most simple scarf design to create. Simply tie your hair in ponytail, tie your scarf at the bottom. Then let the ends hang over. This style looks great when paired by using a Hair Scarf Australia that is printed with a fun design!

Turban-style Headband

This is a fantastic way to style your hair has become a bit gritty or dirty than usual. Dry shampoo only gets you to a certain point, but it’s not enough! Make sure you tie your scarf it on highest point on your head. Put the ends under.

Classic Headband

A feminine style with very little effort. Make a silk scarf; wrap it over the top of your head. Then tie an elegant bow around near the bottom of your neck. It is possible to secure this look using Bobby pins.

Vintage Glam Wrap

If you’re looking for something extra glamorous this wrap style is seriously exciting and surprising. Ideal for those times when the wind is raging and you’re trying to manage your hair.

Braid Tie

Okay, how amazing is this scarf braid tie? Simply wrap the scarf (I’d prefer thinner silk) around the top of your ponytail. Use this as one three “sections” when you do your braid. Attach a bow to the top and that’s all there is to it!

Here we go an exciting few ideas for styling scarves with your locks this spring. While you can definitely use them with your favorite sweaters and knits I’m really keen to test this look for spring. Wouldn’t it be pretty with a lovely sundress, sandals, and your hair with the form of a scarf? This is very vintage and glam. I’m here to help!

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