How Does Conversational AI Work With Social Media Marketing

When you are running a business and your website is connected to different social media platforms, you will be getting many queries about your services and products. This social media platform refers to the WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, and Instagram pages of your company. Now the integration of conversational AI solutions and a chatbot to these pages will ensure, immediate response to those queries, coming up from the user’s side.

Most of the time, it gets unmanageable for most companies to keep track of the activities of social media platforms 24*7. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss how conversational AI work with social media platforms. 

How conversational AI work with social media platforms

Conversational AI is the most crucial asset for highlighting your social media presence. It eventually increases the overall efficiency of the resource team engaged in this. It also allows all customers to receive the assistance they need from your services.

Facebook Messenger

It is noticed that through messaging applications individuals tend to respond to the queries more frequently. Most large-scale marketers have noticed a significant change in operations due to the implementation of conversational AI in their companies. Small businesses are also seeing wonders at the execution level because of the integration of chatbot solutions. The wide user base of Facebook is getting benefitted from bot intelligence implementation. 


The total number of users is almost similar to the number of Facebook users. Almost near about 80% of businesses tend to use WhatsApp as their point of contact with the users and started using conversational AI solutions. The use of WhatsApp conversational AI bot has improved user experience besides aligning their overall business goal. For any  company, nowadays the customer support team prefers to respond to messages, instead of direct phone calls. The integration of a conversational AI bot into the WhatsApp application has helped businesses especially those who are in search of solutions.


You may have noticed that the majority of businesses use spam on Twitter. This occurs as a result of excessive self-promotion. The best place to use GIFs, images, and memes to promote your brand is on Twitter. Because they want to engage the audience more than just sell their products, most businesses today excel at these areas.

The best ways to generate engagements and increase conversion rates are to post valuable content that is unrelated to what you sell, have open conversations with connected people, ask for retweets when the content is worthwhile, and use hashtags to reach a larger audience. Finally, you would gain the most from using these tactical options.

A smart sales strategy can therefore be implemented by the target audience thanks to a conversational AI chatbot and custom AI solutions.

Concluding Thoughts

In 2023, conversational AI should be one of the major components of your social media strategy.  it helps you to shape how people communicate in the future. As humans rely more on AI and machines to complete routine tasks, brands can effectively offload the current workload on AI systems, freeing up human resources for the brand’s essential elements. Simply having a chatbot that can conduct basic conversations won’t make you stand out anymore. To provide greater efficiency and better customer experiences in the digital sphere, every brand has upped its game.

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