How is an elliptical cross trainer structured?

Elliptical cross trainers are composed of the body, treads with ankle bars, and armbars. The drive or flywheel mass is integrated into the body. This is also the case with our models, as you can see in the respective operating instructions. This is available for download so that you can get an accurate picture before buying. The stored product video also helps you to find the best elliptical cross trainer for you.

The flywheel mass is connected to the foot poles. In our models, there is a direct connection of the foot bars to the armbars. As a result, the armbars are movable, whereby the upper body is included in the movements. This ultimately leads to a holistic training experience. The generously dimensioned treads ensure a secure stand of both feet thanks to the border. Our models have a profiled stand area, which noticeably increases the level of safety.

Why is it called Cross-Trainer?

When training on this fitness machine, arms and legs cross each other through the sequence of movements: hence the term ‘elliptical cross trainer’. With our models, different flywheel masses are available, which can be individually adjusted for each device. In this way, the training level can be adjusted according to personal wishes.

These are the advantages of training with the elliptical cross trainer

As already indicated, you can enjoy a demanding and highly effective full-body workout with an elliptical cross-trainer at home. Since the natural movement of running is imitated, you will immediately feel comfortable on this effective fitness machine. Without certain pre-existing conditions, you already have all the prerequisites to benefit from this joint-gentle endurance sport. No experience or special knowledge is necessary. Through the running rails and rods for the arms, all movements are guided, and even at a higher training speed, you are in a stable position. In contrast to jogging in the forest, the elliptical cross trainer for home does not run the risk of you appearing too firm or even bending your foot. They operate from a very safe and noticeably comfortable posture.

The movement of the arms is similar to the processes of cross-country skiing, whereby the positive effects of several sports in the living room can be combined with an elliptical cross-trainer. There you can create an inviting atmosphere with your favorite music in the background, which makes you want to move and invites you to switch off. Through an individual configuration of the flywheel mass, you can adjust the training intensity specifically or gradually increase it as a beginner. From light to an intense form of training, everything is possible with your new elliptical cross trainer. Since the whole body gets moving, it is effective cardiovascular training. Regular training sessions are a health-promoting option to improve the physical constitution.

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Do you want to lose weight in a sporty and therefore health-conscious way? Then an elliptical cross trainer is your ideal training partner, regardless of the weather and the season. Since many muscle groups are involved in training on this fitness machine, you can properly boost fat burning. Depending on the speed or training intensity, burning 700 kilocalories per hour is a realistic goal. In combination with a change in your diet, it is only a matter of time before the first successes of the training can be seen.

Crosstrainer & elliptical cross trainer – A difference?

In your research with the aim of wanting to buy an elliptical cross trainer, you have certainly come across the term elliptical. Now you are wondering if there are any differences between an elliptical and an elliptical? Yes, there are differences in construction. Therefore, it is not quite right to use the fitness equipment elliptical and elliptical cross trainer completely synonymously in the same breath. What both training devices have in common is that they are suitable for effective cardiovascular training. Basically, the movement sequences on a cross and elliptical trainer are very similar.

Elliptical and elliptical cross trainers: The differences lie in the details

In terms of construction, there are differences in the pedal movement, where elliptical machines have an additional joint. This has the task of reducing the resulting forces and making the entire movement sequence very round.

Crosstrainers and their different types & types

The characteristic of a traditional elliptical cross trainer is that the drive and flywheel mass is located in the rear part of the fitness equipment, as is the case with our models. The fact that the pedals are directly connected to the flywheel mass creates a large angle. The typical up and down movements look round. The foot distance on most models is about 25 cm, which is close to the natural sequence of movements.

The rounder the movements on this fitness machine, the more likely it is to be referred to as an elliptical. In this respect, an elliptical cross trainer is a subtype of elliptical cross trainers. They are interesting for all those who want to exercise the movement sequences on this fitness machine for home as joint-friendly as possible. For this purpose, there is a clear difference in the design: The flywheel mass is installed at the front of an elliptical trainer.

An elliptical cross trainer is to be regarded as an intermediate stage. It has rear-wheel drive. In contrast to a traditional elliptical cross trainer, there are joints on the flywheels, with which longer steps can be performed. The entire movement sequence becomes flatter, and up and down movements are reduced.

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