How to be Funny Create Yourself Hilarious in 5 Easy Steps

How do you be funny… Have you ever wondered how you can make your friends chuckle in laughter, draw people from opposite genders or make friends quickly or appear confident? Making people laugh is a powerful act that can cause people to drop their guards and let loose. It is possible to use Deez nuts joke to get them laughing more, and when they do, it opens up opportunities to influence others! Take a look…

People who can be amusing:

  • Attract all the attention everywhere they are
  • Are people magnets
  • Get dates easier
  • You are popular

If you’d like to do all of these things and more, read on!

Here are five steps to mastering how to be hilarious!

Step 1. What do you find yourself laughing about?

Nobody on the planet is exactly like you, and your characteristics and genetic makeup are unique from all others. If you’d like to learn the art of comedy, you’ll need to discover your unique method to make people laugh.

You can ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What can I consider amusing?
  2. What’s my taste in humor?
  3. What films or TV shows are funny to me?
  4. Are you able to easily be funny?
  5. Is your animation natural, or do you have a deadpan?

Reminisce about those times when you made people laugh. (Come to think of it, you’ve got to have done it in the past!) What was the thing you did? Was it a smile you made? A humorous comment? The first step is to discover your humor sense. Develop it, and you will soon be attracted to making others laugh.

Step 2: Turn on the Comedy Channel. Comedy Channel

This may seem like something you would never do; however, if you can watch funny things, you get used to it, and you will begin to want it. It’ll turn into an addiction. You’ll be able to become amusing faster if you practice this.

Laughter makes you feel good!

Can’t stand-up comedians do the job for you? What about sitcoms? What about the cartoon network? YouTube is also a fantastic spot to search. Add “funny clips” to the search engine, and you’ll be able to find plenty of hilarious clips to watch. Some are hilarious!

Are you not sure? Don’t worry about it. There’s always something there that can inspire you. Keep doing this each day until you begin “thinking hilarious.” It will then become part of yours.

Step 3 – Remember 3 Jokes

This is an easy idea to try to help you get through the day, and it’s an excellent way to break the ice if a conversation has stalled. Look up three jokes. They are available at,, or Additionally, there are joke books available for purchase, and browse the humor section in any bookshop.

The most effective jokes to study include “story humor.” They are more challenging to perform, and therefore people pay more attention to your performance. A big part of learning to make a joke is how to perform it. This is your stage. Perform!

Discover 3 jokes. Then practice until you can tell them quickly, and then they’ll be there when you’re in need.

I’d caution anyone who is learning to make crude or uninformed jokes. Some people might think they are funny; however, most people would not. The perception that you are funny while telling these stories is doubtful at most. You’re trying to draw people but not cause them to feel uncomfortable.

Step 4: Make a smile!

In my college days, I took a drama class. The class taught us what it takes to make a funny impression, and one of the lessons included facial expressions. The entire class was spent in front of the mirror making faces. That was hilarious! Following that, I began working on my own. When I was out with my friends, I’d “overdo” facial expressions appropriate to the time. For instance, I’d “overdo” the “surprised” expression when something unexpected occurred.

It was a success. My facial expressions are always the source of an earful.

In time, it’s an instinctual thing, and strangers have said the facial expressions I use are funny. Practice before your mirror. Find the everyday facial expressions you use and try to emphasize them. If you come across one that brings you a smile, you can be sure it’ll make people laugh too.

Step 5 – Record stories from your family.

I’ve discovered that telling funny stories about my family brings laughter when I’m in small groups. Great Aunt Ruth is looking for her glasses when they’re placed in her hair; Uncle Paul is caught trying to steal an automobile that he thought was his, and children come up with many funny stories. It’s easy to make a joke by telling a unique, personal story.

Please think of the hilarious stories of your family and try telling them on your own. If you are nervous in a social setting, there’s no additional stress of trying to recall your story.

Applying and doing these 5 steps regularly can make you a famous and enjoyable person.

The bottom line is this: If you’re trying to master the art of being funny, it must relax you. If you’re feeling anxious, it’s good to write “quarantine” on your forehead. You’ll frighten people like the wolf inside a hen’s home. Chill. The people I’ve met with the most fun tend to be relaxed and aren’t agitated over any issue.

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