How to Get an ECES Certification

The ECES certification course will teach you about cryptography’s fundamentals, prepare you for the EC-Certified Council’s Encryption Specialist (ECES) exam., and offer you a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of symmetric cryptography and futuristic keys. Kerkhoff’s concept, encrypting a drive, cryptographic algorithms, setting up a VPN, and applying steganography, would all be covered in the Encryption Specialist curriculum.

Apart from the foundations, you’ll learn about Blowfish, Twofish, Skipjack, and hashing algorithms like MD5, SHA, MD6, Gost, and RIPMD 256. You may expect to be well-versed in both symmetric and asymmetric cryptography at the end of the ECES training. The training would include theoretical and practical sessions where you will deal with encryption technology. Furthermore, once you’ve completed Infosec Train’s Encryption Specialist program, you’ll be well-prepared to pass the certification exam.

Who can do this course?

ECES certification training is for anyone involved in selecting and deploying VPNs or digital certificates. People are confined to following marketing hype unless they thoroughly understand cryptography. Knowing how cryptography works can help you decide which one to use. After finishing the course, students would be able to choose the encryption standard that is most useful to their company and learn how to implement it efficiently.

Since most penetration testing courses skip cryptanalysis entirely, this course is ideal for ethical hackers and penetration testers. Many penetration testers avoid attempting to crack encryption. However, a penetration tester will benefit greatly from a rudimentary understanding of cryptanalysis.

What can you learn in this course?

  • Encryption Standards: What Are They and How Do They Differ?
  • How do you choose the right standard for your company?
  • How to improve your encryption pen-testing skills
  • The use of encryption technology, both correctly and incorrectly, is discussed.
  • Common blunders in the implementation of encryption technology
  • There are several best practices to follow when it comes to implementing encryption technologies.

Details of the exam pattern

A year of work experience in information security is required for the ECES certification. Unless the candidate takes official training, they should be able to prove the same is validated through the application procedure.

ECES certification cost: 249 USD(19,000 INR)

No. of questions: 50 questions 

Time allotted for the test: 2 hours

Format: Multiple-choice questions

Passing percentage: 70%

How to prepare for this exam?

Set an exam deadline

This is especially important because there are no set exam dates, and you could wind up deferring your examinations for an extended period without even finishing them. Setting a deadline will assist you in properly completing your study. You can start studying for each subject once you’ve registered for the exam

Know and understand the syllabus

Despite the fact that not all topics on the exam syllabus are assigned equal weight, you must learn all of them. Knowing your syllabus and the importance of different topics will undoubtedly aid you in determining how much time you should commit to each area. In addition, understanding the exam syllabus will assist you in developing a study strategy.

Take training courses

Training courses for the ECES test, as part of the exam preparation tool, improve your engagement and help you increase your chances of getting the desired result on the EC-Council ECES exam.

Take practice exams

Practicing is the most effective approach to mastering any skill. It is, of course, also useful for exam preparation. You’ll be asked a lot of questions about the same idea, so you’ll have to evaluate your knowledge in a variety of ways. This ensures that you have a strong foundation in the principles taught. Keep an eye on the watch as time management is crucial during the exam.

Admission details

Visit the Infosec Train website to learn more about the ECES course.

Select your preferred learning mode in the learning mode area. Select the ‘ENROL NOW’ tab after that.

On your screen, a pop-up form will display. Fill in the blanks on the form with the relevant information. Then press the ‘Submit Now’ button.


ECES courses can help you develop crucial abilities as an information security expert. Furthermore, if you pass the certification exam, you will be ECES certified by EC Council. This will increase your work prospects and assist you in obtaining rewarding opportunities with multinational corporations.

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