How to Improve Energy Efficiency in Commercial Spaces?

In today’s time, commercial buildings consume more energy in comparison to others. Commercial building owners generally notice carbon footprint expansions and a boost in utility costs. This rise in energy consumption is caused due to increase in population, upliftment in people’s desires for the best lifestyle, and growth in the economy. However, expansion of desire and boom in the economy is a good sign, but if there is a continuous rise in energy consumption it will lead to extreme growth in the production of greenhouse gas (GHG). This will harm the global environment. Now, more than ever, you can buy renewable energy directly from greener electricity companies in Dallas, and anybody may have renewable energy in their homes or business without affecting the climate or its ecosystems.

So to prevent the environmental hazard, it is crucial to use commercial LED lighting fixtures for offices, industries, and other commercial spaces. The building owners should focus on improving the energy efficiency of the commercial buildings, as it is one of the most important steps for reducing carbon footprints. Let us read further to understand how this can be done. 

Ways to promote energy efficiency in commercial buildings

Install LED luminaires

Installing Wipro commercial LED lighting is always a win-win situation for commercial building owners. It is because LEDs are up to 80% more efficient in comparison to traditional luminaires. These lighting solutions have a longer life span and save a lot of energy. LEDs require lower maintenance and reduce electricity bills.

Use sensor

Using luminaires that contain sensors reduces electricity costs. If installed in areas such as restrooms, storage spaces, etc., it can save a huge amount of money by using the lights when required. Apart from saving energy, sensors also prevent the spread of germs and viruses. When the light turns on and off based on the occupancy of the restroom employees won’t have to worry about the transmission of germs via switches. While talking about occupancy sensor-based luminaires commercial building owners should always consider buying Opus LED luminaires by Wipro Lighting. It is one of the best options for lighting such spaces.

Use smart lighting

The smart lighting system uses IoT technology. These luminaires are connected by motion detection sensors that shut on and off based on the occupancy in the spaces. This technology connects with the building owner’s smartphone and helps them to control the indoor lighting system remotely. It has been noticed that a large portion of energy wasted is caused when an employee unintentionally leaves the lighting fixture running. By using Internet of Things based LED lighting options offered by Wipro Lighting, commercial space owners can save energy and money because our products come with a high-quality and longer life span.

Use natural light effectively

Sunlight is the most abundant source of lumination, energy and heat. Commercial building owners should always consider adding more and more windows and ventilation options in the spaces. It will allow a good amount of sunlight to enter the building. This will not only help businesses to reduce the cost of energy consumption during the daytime but will also help employees to stay healthy and maintain their circadian rhythm. In offices where ample natural light is not available, people use human-centric luminaries such as inSyncTM by Wipro Lighting. These luminaires maintain the circadian rhythms and help people stay healthy both mentally and physically.

The aforementioned are some of the best ways to make the workspace highly energy efficient and ideal for working. Wipro Lighting always promotes energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting, and therefore we have a wide range of commercial office light fixtures. You can explore our website to know more about our new launches and existing optimum lighting options.

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