How To Loosen and Make Plastic Storage Drawers Not Rub

Plastic drawers are affordable, lightweight options for your storage needs. They are ideal for storing clothes, bathroom supplies, or any other items you wish to store. Plastic storage drawers can be handy if you don’t want to build permanent drawers or invest in more installations. However, like other types of drawers, plastic drawers also experience rubbing. The most common cause for this is dust build-up. But sometimes, the weight of the contents also leads to rubbing. If you have experienced this problem, read on to find out how to solve this problem.

Clean out drawers periodically

It is important to clear out the contents and get rid of items that you don’t need. Avoid stuffing heavy items in the drawer to prevent weight-related issues. When you experience rubbing, it is better to use household lubricants for smooth movements, instead of wrestling with the drawers. You should remove all the contents from the drawers and pull the entire drawer out. After that, clean the set with mild liquid soap and water. Rinse the drawers thoroughly and let them dry before you put them back.

Spray Lubricants onto the slides

Another way to loosen the drawers and ensure they don’t rub is by spraying lubricants onto the slides. Take care to spray a thin coating and do not saturate them with lubricants that they start to drip. If you don’t have any petroleum-based lubricants, you can use bar soap. Simply rub one end of the soap back and forth a few times on the slides. Another trick is to rub paraffin wax on the slides. This will ensure the drawer runners and the tracks inside the cabinet function smoothly.

Another easy fix is applying a roll of thin, low-friction tape to the tracks. However, make sure you clean the surface to remove any wax or soap residue from the slides before using the tapes.

Give it a good wipe

Certain drawers might not have rollers and guides. In such cases, a good wipe with a clean cloth could do the trick. Often cleaning out accumulated dust and wax will solve the problem of rubbing. Once you finish cleaning, you can rub hard wax such as paraffin or candle along the drawer edges and centre guide to make sure they move smoothly.

You can use any of the above-mentioned techniques (or a combination of those) to make sure your plastic storage drawers are operating smoothly. Once you complete the cleaning and lubrication, you can place the drawers back into the unit. Then, slide the drawers back and forth a few times to spread the lubricant further. This will also make sure the lubricant is working effectively. After you are satisfied that the drawers no longer rub or stick, you can repack the drawer contents and use them without any hassles.

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