How to Use PNB Net Banking

How to Use PNB Net Banking

Before you begin using PNB Net Banking, you must register for it. The first time you log in, you’ll need to enter a phrase or image to obtain your OTP. You’ll also have to change your password. Then you can start transferring money. To use the account, you’ll need to enter a transaction password. Once you’ve entered your transaction password, you’re all set to begin banking online!

Register for PNB Net Banking

If you are looking for a hassle-free way to use your savings account on the internet, PNB Net Banking may be just what you are looking for. PNB has made the registration process simple. You can register online or visit a branch. You will be provided with a PNB – 1212 form. Fill out the form completely, and submit it to the bank. Once you are registered, you will need to enter your corporate ID, administrator ID, and password.

After you register, you will receive an email with an activation code. Your account number is the first step in registering for PNB Net Banking. You can then add any details you have for your accounts, such as name and address. You can also choose whether you want to view only your account or perform transactions online. Selecting View Only will only allow you to view your account details but won’t allow you to transfer funds. Choose both rights to get the best service from PNB. You can then log in to the website or download the mobile app to perform all of the necessary transactions.

Transaction dates

To change PNB Net Banking transaction dates, you will need to change your default date. By default, the transaction date is the current day. However, you can choose a different date for the transaction. You can change your date range from daily to weekly, monthly to quarterly, and half-yearly. After you select your preferred date range, you can then specify how often you want the transactions to occur. Alternatively, you can also set a transaction frequency.

The number of PNB Net Banking transactions is limited. This means that if someone is trying to access your account, you can restrict their activity to certain dates. You can also change the beneficiary of your transactions. For example, you can change the payment date for a cheque issued online. In addition, you can change the amount of your credit card limit and add reward points. You can also transfer funds to other accounts or banks. If you are an existing PNB customer, you can also add a beneficiary to your account.

Transaction frequency

To transfer funds from one account to another, customers of PNB can use the Net Banking system. They can transfer funds from their PNB accounts to another bank account, personal account, or another account. Customers can schedule transfers to be done at specific dates. This feature is not available for corporate users. When transferring funds, the customer must provide the beneficiary’s details. They can also schedule a future date for payment.

Other features of PNB internet banking include account opening, utility bill payment, investment in mutual funds, and tax payments. Users can also check the status of their cheques and change the limit. They can also renew their FD accounts and redeem rewards points online. These benefits make net banking an essential solution for PNB customers in India. The bank was founded in 1894 and has more than 11,000 branches and ATMs throughout India.

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