Is The Way You Record WhatsApp Calls Without Knowing Them?

So I visited my hometown after a year or two to spend a vacation. Honestly, it was not a vacation the companies cut down the number of employees working from in site office and I was one of them. So in the end I was asked to report to work remotely. I had some issues with my landlord so in the end, I thought why not spend some time in the home town and make this opportunity of remote work worth the try? So I was meeting all of my old friends and there was this guy who had opened his new store. 

He was also dealing with online business and ever since I left the town we have been in contact. So the first thing I did on my first free weekend there was to visit him. His business was doing great but the way he was handling it was horrible. I mean I have worked in marketing agencies, big stores and all but this is not how you manage things. Of course, he was short of hands and needed a full-time advisor to manage things, especially the digital business. So I volunteered. He was desperate so He accepted my offer right away. 

Why do You want To Record a WhatsApp call on Android Phone?

He told me the business is doing great but there are random errors and problems when it comes to online business. For example, people order and then don’t receive it but complain about random stuff. He was also suspicious about some employees as he thought they are misleading the customers through calls and then making it look like it is the company’s fault. He was planning to use a secret recording device around the employees to know the truth. 

He told me he had even tried it for some intern but the voice quality is not that great and he is unable to listen to what the employee is talking about. In short, it was a mess. I told him not to worry about anything as we will start a mission that will eliminate all the bad sheep in the business right away. He did not believe me at first and said I make it sound like an easy thing. 

OgyMogy App Features

So now my only aim was to prove to him that it is not that complicated thing and you can do it pretty easily with record WhatsApp android phone calls, checking the messenger and Instagram posts and private chat, and more. I planned to get an employee monitoring app that offers many features like text messages, recording phone calls, recording WhatsApp calls, Messanger calls, telegram, and recording data from many social messenger apps and has more other features. It was an easy thing as OgyMogy offers this feature along with many more. I knew about this app because since the remote working thing our organization has also got the employee monitoring app and we were using this app because of its effective features. 

  • According to the Fortune reports the use of employee monitoring tools and software is over 50% since the pandemic hit the world. 

Here is what I have done so far for the poor guy who was struggling badly within the business because of bad employees. 

How to Record Whatsapp Call Remotely

If you want to record WhatsApp calls there are now sophisticated tools available. They can be used for employee monitoring, parental control, or even for oneself. OgyMogy offers a WhatsApp call recording service that let the user listen to all the call details of the target WhatsApp account. Users need to install the Whatsapp call recording app on target android devices. This includes the details of the audio and video calls.

  • You can use the feature to keep a strict eye on your employees. 
  • Know about employees who are doing a great job and others who are messing up the deals with the clients. With the record WhatsApp call feature, everything is under the employer’s control with few clicks.
  • The recorded conversation is saved on the web portal of the app. Users can access the portal at any given time and listen to the call recording right away. 
  • Record WhatsApp call features not just save the call recordings but also save the additional information like caller Id details and time and date information at which the call happened. This can be very helpful in tracing any spy or suspicious activity.

Don’t rely on customer methods only and give features like record WhatsApp call a try.

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