What Makes A Good Downlight?

LED Downlights are an excellent choice to set up a lighting system. They offer well-balanced lighting across a room, while appearing neat and clean.

They’re great for all spaces in your home. Available in a variety of styles to fit your needs.

For help with the next purchase of downlights we will go over the aspects that determine a quality downlight and the specifications to be looking for.

What Makes A Good Downlight?

Apart from aesthetics however, there are plenty of things to be looking for in downlights to arm you with the techniques which make the difference between low quality and high-quality downlights.

Fire Ratings – Compliance

One among the top aspects to consider is the rating for fire in the downlight. Based on the Electrical Safety Council, fire downlights that are rated should be used in all ceilings, regardless of regardless of the type of building they are located.

Fire ratings are typically assessed as 30, 60, or 90 minutes or for all three. The amount of time depends on the dimensions and the structure of the structure. A top-floor flat will probably need at least 90 minutes. While the lower floor might require 30 or 60 mins.

IP Ratings – Compliance

IP ratings are used to determine the degree of effectiveness in sealing electrical enclosures to protect against intrusion by foreign objects. This is a crucial rating to be aware of when you’re considering lighting specific rooms in your home.

If you’re planning to furnish an area such as an apartment or bedroom downlights that have an IP rating of IP44 or higher can be used.

If you’re in a room that are prone to moisture and damp conditions, like bathrooms then you’ll require something that’s a little more substantial. Bathrooms are divided into zones. Bathrooms are divided into several zones that represent their levels of humidity. The typical shower is Zones 0, 1, or 2. Zone zero, which is the shower space, requires the IP value of IP67 that is 100% proof of immersion.

CRI – Colour Rendering Index – The Quality of Light

There’s more to selecting the right colour for your lights than you imagine. Color rendering index, also known as CRI is the measure of how accurately artificial lighting reflects the entire spectrum of colours in natural sunlight. The more CRI is higher, the more clear the colors. High CRI lighting improves the true color of food for better preparation. It can also assist with tasks that require colour like painting, and improve quality and clarity of pictures as well as text, and improve your overall mood and your home’s life.

If you are looking for downlights, seek out the highest-quality CRI light fixtures available. Anything that is between 97-100 CRI is the closest thing to natural sunlight which can greatly enhance the quality of your actions you perform at home and also your mood.

AGM Electrical Supplies Lighting AGM Electrical Supplies Lighting we are thrilled to offer the Soho Lighting Company range of high CRI downlights with a range of >95-97.. Their high CRI ratings make them the ideal option for bathrooms and kitchens. Also, areas where reading, activity or relaxing takes place.

LED Lighting

If you can, opt for LED downlights. In comparison to the halogen bulbs, LED lighting offer a variety of benefits, such as lower electric bills as well as a greater life span.

A lot of halogen bulbs have been removed from the EU because of energy-saving motives. However, it’s still a significant aspect to consider.

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