A kitchen is said to be the heart of your home. Therefore, the main thing while designing a modular kitchen is considering the layout, cabinets, countertops, and space for appliances. The benefit of customization to meet the homeowner’s needs has made the new-age modular kitchen a popular addition to urban Indian houses. Many of you must have searched “modular kitchen Bangalore tips”, therefore to ease it up, Carafina  has listed down tips for a good modular kitchen in Bangalore as it believes modular kitchens are more ergonomic, maximize storage, and are more comfortable to use.

Listed below are tips necessary for a beautiful and luxury kitchen:

1.     Layout is important

There are several layouts in kitchen remodelling. Choose a straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped plan that promotes excellent workflow, depending on the size of the kitchen. Follow the golden triangle guideline to make the stove, refrigerator, and sink the kitchen’s focal points. Determining how these three essential things interact with each other. Before thinking about the plan, do a basic sketch of your kitchen area.

2.     Ideal countertop height

The accepted standard height for countertops is roughly 820 mm and 860 mm. You should also ensure that the kitchen cabinets are not too high off the counter; otherwise, reaching the upper shelves will be tough. As with any other house component, your kitchen designer may modify the countertop height to suit your family’s tastes. 

3.     Kitchen appliances

There is a need to select proper appliances at the layout stage for more feasibility. Kitchen appliances should be chosen during the design phase so that they may be fitted into the layout according to their specific proportions. Make sure there are enough plug points for all of the equipment. Make sure there is enough space for the present and future appliances. 

4.     Kitchen colours

Keep in mind that the kitchen will need to be maintained in the long run. Because Indian cooking produces a lot of stubborn stains, it might be advisable to avoid an all-white kitchen. All-white kitchens are difficult to keep clean and need a lot of upkeep. To preserve overall harmony, you may always select a combination of the darker and a lighter shade. The color scheme you choose might help complete your kitchen’s look. Since a glossy surface exposes fingerprints and smudges quickly, one can consider a matte finish for kitchen cabinets.

5.     Storage requirement

Storage requirement is of utmost importance. Before final execution, storage needs to be considered. Examine your home’s storage needs and consider different-sized drawers and cabinets for your equipment and other food items. Invest in a dedicated pantry cupboard for all of your dry culinary supplies. Increase the height of overhead cabinets to the ceiling level to maximise vertical storage. 

6.     Safety

One of the most important things to think about in the kitchen is safety. You should consider everything from safe gas pipes to curved countertop edges when making your kitchen safe. Make sure that the flooring you select is also slip-resistant. There should be some room between the sink and the stove. Closer your appliances to the switchboard, which should be at a convenient distance. Your kitchen should be a secure environment in which to operate. 

Because it is an expensive investment, you should give your kitchen interiors much attention and study. Modular kitchen Bangalore are usually constructed in a factory, and they must be meticulously designed because no adjustments can be made while the kitchen is in production. Carafina gives justice to “modular kitchen Bangalore tips” search and assists you in creating a new sophisticated modular kitchen or renovating an existing one to deliver the perfection you need.

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