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Mongraals Fortnite Settings, Keyboard, Mouse (May 2022)

Mongraal is a professional Fortnite player who is highly competitive. Mongraal is a highly competitive professional Fortnite player. Mongraals is the youngest professional player on the eSports scene. Mongraals, who is only 13 years old, joined FaZe Clan. However, Mongraals still shows impressive competitive performances despite being young. Many players find his style of play very fascinating and are interested in learning more about how he sets up his games. For the Mongraals lover, click here are his details on his journey to setting up his gaming settings.

Mongraal’s Career

Born August 13, 2004, in England, Kyle Mongaal Jackson is his name. Since he was a child, he had played games and began playing professionally at the age 9. Kyle initially focused on Call of Duty and Halo games at the beginning of his career. However, his passion shifted over time to other games. He began playing Fortnite Battle Royale.

He began playing Fornite competitively at the age of 13 and became the youngest professional esports player.

Kylie did not let his professional career stop him from attending school and maintaining his grades.

Mongraals latest Fornite Settings 2022

Mongraals is not just a professional eSports participant, he also has a huge fan following of over 5 million on his Twitch channel. His gameplay skills and personality are what have earned him a huge fan following. Many players want to find out mongraal settings and skills he uses to make these incredible plays. Mongraal has many amazing features.

Let’s begin with the Mouse setting, and then look at key points.

DPI 800

SensitivityX – 5.4%

Sensitivity Y = 5.4%

Targeting Sensitivity – 24.4%

Scope Sensitivity24.4%

Rate of Polling –1000 Hertz

We have seen many more unique settings than the professional players. shrouds apex legends settings are known for its incredible gaming skills.

Mongraal’s Key Binds

This is where you can make a difference. Although these key binds are not for everyone, the player who copies them has noticed a slight improvement in his speed and feels more comfortable.

Here’s a list of all Mongraal’s key bindings.

Harvesting Tool – E

Weapon Slot 1– 2

Weapon Slot 2_ Q

Weapon Slot 3_ R

Weapon Slot 4_ 4

Weapon slot 5 – X

Use– 3/ Mousewheel Up

Reload/Rotate – T/G

Crouch– L. Ctrl

Wall Mouse Button 5

Floor– DPI Button

Stairs – Mouse Button 4

Roof– L. Shift

Trap C

Edit F

Map– M

These settings are very unusual, as we have already mentioned. Mongraals uses a Logitech mouse G402 for key bindings. His keyboard is the SteelSeries Apex ProTKL.

Mongraal Video & Graphics Settings

This part is quite ordinary. Mongraals displays 1920×1080 resolution in full-screen mode. The maximum FPS setting is 240 FPS. The view distance is set at epic, which is quite remarkable, but everything else is low.

Finally, Anti-aliasing has been turned off. All settings cannot be turned down, but rather, they must be disabled.

Mongraals Fornite Setting – Video

Let’s take a look at the Fornite settings in video.



Display Mode Full Screen

Resolution : 1920x 1080

Frame Rate Limit 240 FPS

Mongraals Fornite Settings- Gear

Monitor Acer XF250Q

Mouse: Logitech G402.

Mousepad: Inked Gaming Custom Mousepad

Keyboard: Steelseries Apex Pro TKL

Headset: Steelseries Arctis Prime

CPU: Intel Core 19 – 10900K

GPU: Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090

Mainboard: MSI Meg Z490 Godlike

Memory: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB

Case: Lian Li PC-011

Liquid Cooling: Corsair H1501 Pro RGB.

However, good hardware is essential if you are to reach a high level of success.

Additional Settings ( Pro Setting)



















There are many other options.

Best Fornite Tournament Location

He was 1st at FNCS: Grand Finals EU, C2S4 Grand Finals EU, and won $37K.

He was 2nd in Benjyfishy Cup and won $3k.

He was 2nd in the FNCS: Week 1: EU, and won $2.25K.

He was 2nd in the C2S1 Grand Finals: FNCS- Grand Finals, EU and Won $30K

He was 2nd in FNCS Season X-Week 3: EU Won $19.

He was 1st in the FNCS SeasonX- Week 2: EU, and won $32K.

He was 1st in Friday Fornite 2019, week 3, and won $5k.

Wrapping up!

Mongraal, a well-known gaming player, became famous very early in his career. His incredible skills and techniques earned him millions of fans. He is the youngest Fortnite player to display insane gaming abilities at an early stage. We have listed all of his Fornite settings, keybinds, and mouse in the article. To learn more about this incredible player and his famous settings, make sure to read the entire article. .

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