Linux Reseller Web Hosting India

Monsoon Sale: Get 30% off on Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Web Hosting in India


Want to open a hosting business?

Don’t want to invest much?

Reseller hosting is the perfect solution if you want to start a hosting business but at a limited budget. You just have a suitable plan from a reliable host and sign up for the services. There are no worries about maintaining the server or anything. You just have to take care of your account and sell the plans to your end customers. In order to provide the best reseller hosting services, Hostbillo offers the most cost-effective deals. You can see right now Hostbillo Monsoon Sale is going on where you can get up to 30% on buying the Linux Reseller Web Hosting India services. Now let’s look at what the plans include and what reseller services they provide.

Linux Reseller Hosting India

There are thousands of people who want to start a business in the hosting industry but do not have much budget to start it. That’s when Hostbillo comes and provides a perfect solution to start a hosting business by offering Best Linux Reseller Hosting Plans India. A Linux Reseller Hosting that works on Linux technology provides an open source platform. Most people buy Linux Reseller Web Hosting India as it is very easy to manage and every other application can run on it. In a reseller business, you rent out system resources that include features like maximum bandwidth, 100% SSD storage, etc. Resellers manage their accounts and modify the pricing and packages and sell them to the end customers. That’s how a reseller business works. With Hostbillo, there is no filtration as you get completely white label hosting services. This lets you put your hosting brand name on the services.

Hostbillo: Get Premium Linux Reseller Hosting Features in India

Linux Reseller Hosting India

As Hostbillo is providing huge discounts on buying its reseller services. So now it’s more affordable to start a hosting business for you. Here are some of the premium features that are beneficial for a reseller so look at them to know more.

Rich Security

It’s easy to start an online business but it is more difficult to protect it from cyber-attacks. Hostbillo’s Best Linux Reseller Hosting India plans include premium security measures that safeguard your site from malware, firewalls, and cyber-attacks. It is best to have a good server that can protect not only your website data but also your customers too.

Maximum Bandwidth

For a user-friendly website, it is essential to quickly transmit the data of your site through the internet browser. Therefore, one of the main benefits of buying Hostbillo’s Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India plans is to make your website user-friendly by providing maximum bandwidth. Furthermore, it speeds up your website and eventually makes your client’s website run quickly.

SSD Storage

As a Linux Reseller, it will get difficult to manage multiple websites without having much disk space. Therefore, Hostbillo provides a quick solution for this by offering 100% SSD storage with the Linux Reseller Web Hosting India plans. You can host multiple websites and manage them very easily with maximum disk space.

WHM Access

WHM access provides full authority over the server which means you can customize and modify the server settings and prices according to your business revenue model. So, Hostbillo offers this access with its Linux Reseller Web Hosting India services. Also, you will be able to create or delete the cpanel accounts of your customers by using WMM access.

White Label Hosting Services

Hostbillo provides totally white label hosting services which means you are allowed to sell the hosting services on your one brand name. This helps you market your business model and recognized your brand by the customers. It’s good to use authorized brand name promotion for your Linux Reseller Web Hosting India services.

Premium Resources

Hostbillo’s monsoon sale gives you access to its premium Linux Reseller Web Hosting India resources such as a free SSL certificate, unlimited websites, and more at just ₹6468 annually. To manage all the web hosting tasks and operations with utmost ease, you get a free cpanel account. Therefore you get Hostbillo’s Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India with fully upgraded server resources, virus protection, and round-the-clock support.


By having Hostbillo’s Linux Reseller Web Hosting India you will be able to scale your hosting business as well as your customer’s websites. Reseller hosting is a great opportunity as you don’t have to do many things. All you need to do is strategize your business model and choose your key demographic. Then just sign up for Hostbillo’s Best Linux Reseller Hosting India services and customize the plans & packages as per the business revenue. As the monsoon sale is also going on you can get great discounts and profits from the business.