Notarized Translation Services

Notarized Translation Services

Of course, you’ve all heard Notarized Translation Services about the famous general Wei WuXing right? Those who have seen the movie The King of Masks would know that this person was But what is less known… That there’s a story behind why they chose him for this role. It’s because he can do both Western and Eastern accents.

It was during filming when everyone saw it happen. Onset, everyone was ready to start filming their scene but then they noticed something amazing … A certain actor with mustaches had already started mimicking the director’s instructions… And so they kept using him and used his voice for all their future Wei WuXing characters … Even though, by the time of the recent movie The Kings of Masks, he had already retired and did not participate in its filming.

Fame can be something that can get to one’s head easily. It is very easy for people who suddenly gain fame to become used to all of it and live a life without worries. But there are some people who only gain fame after hard work, and they are the ones who can become famous without losing themselves.

In the movie The King of Masks, this person portrayed a thief from RaoZhou. But in real life he was from AnHui province! And his A few months ago there was a big fire in Beijing University’s campus. Most people considered it an accident but some suspect that it might be arson. Many rumors started to spread on Weibo … One of which involved Zhao Benshan. A lot of netizens thought that since Zhao had been close with many beautiful actresses already, he must have done something sinister to award himself a spot in the tabloids.

But perhaps, this actor might have been a victim of slander

Yet a post was uncovered from a Weibo account that no longer exists, which showed … Zhao Benshan having an affair with one of those actresses who visited Beijing University! The truth is revealed now, isn’t it? There’s always another side to every story after all!

published by the Graduate Students Association of National Taiwan University

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The translation is a necessary part of academic research because it enables researchers to utilize a wider range of materials. The services provided by Union Theological Seminary (UTS) include both translation between Chinese and Western languages, as well as interpretation involving five major Asian locales (China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand). These services are currently offered to students working on theses or dissertations.

The professional translators employed by UTS have a Ph.D. or an M.A., plus around 5 years of experience translating academic articles for publication in journals such as Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies and Monumenta Serica. Currently, 8 full-time translators work at UTS on a regular basis, with a rotating pool of 20 part-time assistants from within the school’s international program being mobilized upon request.

The majority of translators at UTS are practicing Christians, with many having graduated from seminaries in the US. Because of this, they understand the historical, cultural, and theological backgrounds of texts written by Western scholars. This enables them to produce English translations that are fluid and clear, yet also retain their intellectual sophistication; which is more than can be said for certain other official translation bodies (which shall remain unnamed here).

Translation services provided by UTS include both Chinese-to-English and English-to-Chinese work. While most departmental secretaries can handle these two tasks on an ad hoc basis, it is helpful to have someone who will always fill them during times when you really need them.

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