High-Class and Exotic Restaurants in Madinah for A Luxurious Dining Experience

Medina “the luminous city” is located in the Hejaz area of Saudi Arabia and the administrative center of the Al-Madinah Region. The core of the city is Masjid an-Nabwi, the gravesite of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). It is also the second most sacred city in Islam following Mecca. Most Muslims visit this city after performing Umrah for Ziyarat purposes. They also dine in the best restaurants to enjoy different cuisines. If you also want to visit Madinah and enjoy its grandeur, then December is the best month and you can obtain December Umrah packages for this purpose. Moreover, if you travel in some other month you can avail of that month’s bundles and discounts. The following are some of the most delicious and top-class restaurants in Madinah:


Albaik is a Saudi fast food restaurant establishment that specializes in broasted chicken as well as shrimp with a multitude of sauces. It is one of Saudi Arabia’s largest purchasers of chicken.

Steak House

Steak House is the sole restaurant to have received the Saudi Excellence in Tourism Awards’ (SETA) “Best Restaurant Saudi Arabia” Award four times in a row! SETA has been firmly entrenched as the standard for excellence in the Saudi tourist industry, honoring dedication to quality and the advancement of associate resources and facilities. It is held yearly under the supervision of the Saudi Commission for Tourism & Antiquities. All of its dishes are excellent and tourists really love them.

Arabesque Restaurant

Arabesque, situated on the mezzanine floor and seating 140 people, provides lots of variety. From shawarmas, tandoor, grilled kebabs, or wok to a superb pastry area with Syrian teppanyaki ice cream, fabulously renowned knefeh from the Levant, or sophisticated pastries. It contains different types of cuisines that include Mediterranean, Turkish, Middle Eastern, French, Lebanese, Asian, Vegetarian, and Halal cuisines.

Cacao and More Restaurant

It is a café-bakery-restaurant where you may have a meal either for breakfast, lunch, or supper. It’s on the 2nd floor of Garden Plaza, right opposite Bin Dawood on Prince Naef Road. You take the lift up to it, and as quickly as the gate unlocks, you are greet with a really attractive and sophisticated design and furnishings comprising sofas and armchairs with beautiful paintings. The restaurant’s cocoa stream is a marvel to see. The restaurant boasts a stunning outside patio with a skyline view. Furthermore, both indoors and out, the restaurant’s ambiance will undoubtedly charm you.  they serve foods from a variety of international cuisines. Everything is delicious, and they have both sweet and savory varieties. The crew is highly attentive and will guarantee that your food is serve in the best possible conditions. It is certainly a wonderful spot to come if you want to enjoy a tasty lunch or sample some pastries.

Rusafa Arabic Lebanese Middle Eastern Restaurant

Rusafa is a Shamy (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan) eatery at the Jazz Lounge, next to Saha Mall and King Fahd Hospital. It serves a variety of cuisine, featuring appetizers like hummus, mutabbal, or baba ghanouj, salads, and grilled meats and pies. The foods available will satisfy more than one person due to their generous amounts. On the ground level, there is a spacious family area with a spectacular warm room and an outside space with the most stunning design. One of this restaurant’s greatest assets is its décor.

Noon Specialty Coffee

It is situate on Madinah’s King Abdullah Branch Road. It provides a calm and friendly setting in order to savor a variety of coffees, lattes, and teas with family members and friends. They also provide a wide selection of delectable sweets. The decor is modern and well-designed. The customer service is excellent, and there is easy parking right outside the café.

Swiss House Restaurant

The Swiss House gives stunning vistas of Madinah as well as Uhud Mountain. They offer lovely outdoor roof seats to take in this wonderful scenery, which is extremely tempting in the wintertime or on a warm summer evening. The team is really polite and always willing to help. The menu has a wide array of selections at moderate pricing. Swiss House has a terrific ambiance and is a good venue to enjoy a football match.

Dragon Chinese Restaurant

It is a Chinese-themed eatery with petioles for privacy and huge upper and downstairs seats for families. They also include a large single area with an open kitchen concept. Their personnel is well-experience and is always available to answer your inquiries. The menu features a range of fresh foods at reasonable pricing.

Toscana Italian Restaurant

Toscana is positioned one story below the fame Agate restaurant and serves Italian dishes in a contemporary room or on its roof patio. You may sample various appetizers and salads, pasta meals, pizzas, or even sweets such as the irresistible Tiramisu. It does have a broad menu and good meals.

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