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Passat saloon and estate: rated and reviewed:

The Volkswagen Passat saloon is another addition to the world of cars and comes with amazing features. The Passat saloon was originally launched in it year 1973 and now the eight generation of this car has been launched in the year 2019. Since the day it was launched, this car has always been a huge competition for all kinds of family cars. The latest Passat comes in five trim levels i.e. from S to R line. The whole range of the car is diesel except for the petrol hybrid GTE version that is best out of all the models of this car.

The Volkswagen Passat estate has been serving since 40 years and is the best car to buy as compared to all its rivals. The car updates according to the modern technology and lifestyle which is the reason its fame keeps on increasing with every updated version. Pcnok Spacious interior, the practicality of the car and the decent blend of power and fuel efficiency are the most striking features of this car. Passat estate comes with powerful engines. The only available petrol engine is 1.5-litre and provides the car with 148bhp while it comes with two diesel engines that are 1.6 litre and 2.0 litre providing with a 148bhp and 187bhp. The car also comes with GTE plug-in hybrid and the ride through the hybrid engine is more quiet and smooth.

Passat saloon and estate: features:

Passat saloon and estate are the car’s that provide buyers with some amazing features that are not just related to the exterior but also to the interior of the car. The cars comes with all modern equipment and provide people with a safe and comfortable ride. Let’s discuss the exterior, interior, driving and handling of both the cars.


The Passat saloon comes with a sleek and stylish body that looks great from every angle. It has a modern and mainstream exterior design in which the sheet metal is totally replaced. The space between the front LED lights is fully occupied by the chrome-accented grille that makes it look more ravishing and eye catching. The rear lights are LED lights that are more stretched in the newer models. It comes with 17 inch alloy wheels as a standard and 18-19 inch variants are also available. The power sunroof and the hands free trunk are also available in some of the versions of this car.

Passat estate comes with a long body that provides more space inside the car. The exterior of the car is eye-catching and curvy, making it look good in all possible ways. The car comes with front and back LED lights that provide a clear view of the road in the dark. It also contains 16-inch alloy wheels as standard and variants include 17 to 18 inch alloy wheels as well. It also includes sun-roof, tinted glass, climate control and many other additional features. It comes in a long range of vibrant colours which add to the beauty of the car and it’s exterior.


The interior of Passat saloon is much spacious and the convenience it provides is the reason that keeps most of the buyers happy. The seats of this car are much comfortable with plenty of legroom as well as headroom. The rear seats are large and provide much comfort to the passengers. The visibility through the driving seat is very good and also provides with advanced driver assistance features. It comes with an up-to-dated infotainment system with a 7 inches HDR screen. This provides access to Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android auto.

Passat estate provides with a more stylish and spacious interior. The grown wheelbase provides with more room in the inside and also a comfortable ride. The higher roofline provides with more headspace and the practical cabin of the car has small storage places for holding different equipment as mobile phones etc. The car also comes with an 80W stereo that includes 8 speakers. The infotainment system provides full access to all the digital devices through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. and has a 6.5inch HDR screen.

Trunk Capacity:

Passat saloon is a family focused car and offers plenty of boot space. With the rear seats in place, the boot capacity is 585 litres. When the seats are removed the capacity becomes 1152 litres. Passat estate also offers plenty of boot capacity. It claims 650 litre of boot capacity.

Driving and Engines:

The Passat saloon is actually designed to be driven on daily basis which makes it an amazing family car. This car provides with a very comfortable and relaxing driving exactly. It comes with a whole range of different types engines. The 2.0 litre, 148bhp diesel engine is the best of all and also comes in a more expensive 187bhp range. There are two 1.6litre and 2.0litre diesel engines as well. The top choice should be the 237bhp diesel that is a twin-turbo 4 Motion model. It comes along with a standard DSG auto gearbox. VW has also added a range of petrol engines as the 1.5liyre TSI with 148bhp and a 2.0litre TSI which produces 187bhp. It also comes with a more powerful 268bhp version equipped with 4motion. The VW’s Passat GTE has been updated and now comes with a 1.4litre TSI petrol range and an electric motor. It provides with 0-62mph in just 7.4 seconds.

The Passat estate is one of the most thrilling cars to drive. The updated versions have been shed by 85kg which help in handling and lowers the fuel consumption of the car. It feels superb while you are driving this car because of the precision of its steering and the damping feature that provides much control. It’s six-speed DSG twin clutch helps in providing with a quicker transmission between engines.

Safety features:

VW’s Passat saloon and Passat estate provide with amazing safety features that is helping passengers in getting a very comfortable and relaxing ride in these cars. The cars include air-bags on the front, rear and the side that protects in case of any accidental situations. The automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection helps in providing more control and safety. Automatic post collision braking system helps in avoiding extra collisions and the Yayoins car automatically slows down. There is active lane control and adaptive cruise control feature as well. The rear and front cameras, LED  daytime headlights, navigation and control are all the amazing safety features provided by Volkswagen for its customers.


The Volkswagen Passat saloon ranges from £22,995 to £31,095 which is an affordable price along with such amazing features.

 Running costs:

This car has low running costs and is economically suitable. Fuel consumption in all the cases is very low and the car has better efficiency. Petrol engine economy is 47.1mpg while in case of diesel engine the economy is 55.4 to 60.1 mpg that makes it more effective than the other engines. Passat estate ranges from £27,335 to £44,485. picuki Passat estate should be the top choice when it comes to the aspect of running costs because it costs so low and is very much practical. The diesel engines offer a lot as compared to the rival cars and with the CO2 emission of 107 to 109g/km, the customers need to spend less.

PASSAT: What’s in 2021?

The Passat 2021 is offering with a better performance and more comfort in such an affordable price range. The rides of the car are more relaxing as the space inside has been increased. The infotainment system now includes automated emergency braking and blind-spot monitoring. There are some major updates to the trim levels of the cars which now include three levels as S, R and SE.

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