Playing With Zorb Ball: Important Tips & Tricks To Follow As A Newbie

We all know that the summer season is one such weather that brings extreme heat and warmth. And therefore, for the parents, it is important to search for recreational activities that can energize the kids. 

To have something unique and different, we have the perfect suggestion of a human hamster ball for you all!

If we define zorb balls, these are inflatable spheres on which you can roll around and can even ride. They are an exciting activity to do during the summertime which can be a source of entertainment for people of different age groups. 

Below we will discuss about few helpful tips on buying human hamster balls. And the next section will be about a few tricks to follow when playing with it. Let’s dive into the discussion below. 

How to buy a zorb ball? Helpful tips to follow 

These are transparent and large spheres made from plastic or vinyl materials. It has different sizes. Most people use these balls for leisure activities, moving around or bouncing them all the time. You can use it for indoor and outdoor activities based on ball size. 

To have an excellent zorb ball by your side, you have to:

  • Choose to have a complimentary electric air pump, which can easily get inflated. This will prevent you from using your high energy in inflating the ball. 
  • Before finalizing the ball, you should roll yourself inside it once to check its durability and flexibility. 
  • Look for a ball suitable for every occasion and goes perfect for all age groups. 
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How to play with a zorb ball? Tricks to follow

We all know the zorb ball as the air-filled sphere. It is made from TPU or PVC materials which you can easily enter and play with without any hassle. If you have a giant ball, make sure you play it in a large area or ground where you have no risk of collapsing or harming yourself.

Below we have a few more important tips for you to follow when playing with a zorb ball:

  1. When playing outdoors, ensure you are careful with holes or bumps in the ground to avoid any injury. 
  2. Wear lightweight or comfortable clothes to move around freely. A T-shirt or shorts can work great. 
  3. If you bounce in it for the first time, do it slowly. Once you learn the bouncing techniques, you can increase the speed. 
What Is a Zorb Ball? - Readesh

Frequently asked questions: FAQs.

We have listed and answered some common questions below.

  1. What does a zorb ball design look like?

If you see the ball for the first time, you will find its design quite simple. It is PVC or a vinyl ball wrapped around the larger ball. Numerous smaller strings of nylon are attached to it. You can use an air pump for inflating the entire exterior ball. 

  1. What is meant by zorb chamber?

The zorb chamber is basically manufactured from two plastic layers with an air chamber in the middle area. This will enable the ball to accommodate more than two people inside it. These inflatables are also known as air pocket balls. To buy the best one, you should contact a reliable zorbing selling website to get a better idea. Kameymall would be a good choice.

  1. What important safety tips do you have to follow?

You need to check your surroundings in case you are playing outdoors. This is important for your safety and will protect the people around you. Plus, it would help if you also understood the certain boundaries within which you can bounce around. Wear what types of clothing which is lightweight and comfortable for your body. If you have long hair, pull them back in a ponytail. 

  1. Which are the best surfaces to bounce the zorb ball on?

It can bounce the ball on any surface, such as snow, ice, grass, or hills. Sometimes people even add some water to the ball for extra fun. But that can be a bit risky and will not be easy for the ball to bounce on rough surfaces. 


To end with the discussion, in the past few years, the use of human hamster balls has become quite common. It is popularly known as human hamster balls. They are transparent and are packed densely in which there is enough space for at least two people. 

If you haven’t tried this fun activity yet, buy an amazing zorb ball now from Kameymall!

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