Pressure Regulators – Know about its Types and applications

If you are unsure what an electronic air pressure regulator is then you need to read this post. In this post we are going to discuss what an electric air pressure regulator. Is and also about its types and applications. If you are interested in getting a tool for automatic and lossless. Air control then you need to get the digital pressure regulator. This would surely reduce your cost of working and would also increase your work safety.

Now you should know that electronic air pressure regulator are basically used. In different industries for the purpose of maintaining pressure levels of fluids and gases. The automatic pressure management results in zero loss. Reduced human errors, lower cost and also provide safety to the workers in the field. The modern electronic pneumatic regulator devices use optimum air pressure pilots. Which you have to monitor if you want to get the most performance and accurate results. Here you should know that today air pressure regulators are being used in both households and commercial industries!

Design of the air pressure regulators!

You must know that today the electronic air pressure regulators are divided in three main categories. 

  1. The first category is of general purpose regulators
  2. Second are the pilot operated regulators
  3. And lastly the air pressure controller which is specified to different applications!

The important thing that you need to understand is that air pressure regulators. Are designed in such a way that they can easily maintain the outlet pressure while maintaining the capacity of flow. The main working principle of these regulators depends on a control spring on a diaphragm. The spring regulates the pressure according to the readings you provide. You can increase or reduce the output pressure by simply rotating the regulator knob clockwise or anti-clockwise.

What is the function of the electronic air pressure regulator?

As we have told you before the main purpose of the electronic pressure. Controllers is to provide an even flow of output pressure. The output pressure is maintained separately from the internal pressure of the cylinder or tube. Now there are two general functions of the pressure regulators. The first one is relieving and the second is non-relieving!

  • The function of the relieving regulator operates when the pressure is changing from high to low. Even in the lowest input pressure the regulator would exhaust the excess pressure.
  • Non-relieving pressure regulators are quite different. The function of this kind of regulator is that in low pressure. Input the excessive pressure is kept inside and in exchange trapped air is released.

Typical applications of the electronic air pressure regulators!

  • Air pressure regulators are used in household appliances including gas grills, pressure cookers, and even in heating furnaces.
  • Electro pneumatic pressure regulators are used to manage compressed air used in commercial places like workshops and service stations. 
  • Pressure regulators are also used for the purpose of welding and cutting. 
  • Gas powered vehicles also use pressurized gas and a digital regulator.

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