Raycon review

Raycon Review – Creative Outlier Gold, E55, and Performance Earbuds

This Raycon Review covers the Raycon E55, Creative Outlier Gold, and Performance earbuds. The company’s line of affordable audio tech includes numerous special features and is perfect for the home audio enthusiast. The company’s mission is to bring the latest audio tech within the reach of anyone on a budget. In order to make this possible, Raycon relies on input from celebrity musicians, tech experts, and other creative individuals to produce a product that embodies the uniqueness of its creators.

Raycon Creative Outlier Gold

The Creative Outlier Gold headphones are a worthy choice for a budget price of less than $100. Featuring aptX compatibility, they are ideal for Android phones and tablets. While slightly more expensive than Raycon’s E25 earbuds, the Creative Outlier Gold has consistently held its place on our top 10 list of true wireless earbuds. This is partly due to the fact that Raycon offers a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

The air-v2 headphones have improved ear tips and a better seal. These headphones isolate noise well and are portable enough to carry in your pocket or purse. You can even customize the sound with the SXFI app, which allows you to control the sound and pair with compatible devices. The headphones are supposed to deliver studio-quality sound with the Super X-Fi head mapping. The Creative Outlier Gold review suggests that the Creative Outlier Air V2’s battery life is the best among its competitors.

Raycon E55

The Raycon E55 is a very similar headphone to the previous-generation model, the Truly Wireless. As such, the controls are easy to learn and intuitive. One of the main differences is the audio quality. The Raycon E55 focuses too much on low tones, drowning out vocals and cluttering up the overall mix. This results in poor detail in the mid and higher frequencies. The low-mids and high-bass are overemphasized, and the headphones’ sound is muddy and lacking in detail.

The E55 comes in a compact size and has a 36-hour playback time. This product is slightly bigger than the E25, but the overall design is the same. It also features real-life customer feedback. The E55 uses the latest chipset to deliver improved bass, and it is water and sweat-resistant. It also supports Qi charging, so it’s compatible with almost any wireless device. However, it is a little more expensive than the E25 and is not for everyone.

Raycon Performance earbuds

The battery life of Raycon Performance earbuds is satisfactory, although it varies with usage. The company claims that these earbuds last for up to nine hours when listening at half volume. The actual battery life is more like ten hours. The batteries come in a convenient carrying case that stores up to five additional charges. Depending on your usage, you can use two buds at once. This way, you’ll never run out of music.

One thing to note is the bass, which is overpowering. The bass line is supposed to provide subtle groove, winding under the vocals. However, this bass overpowers everything and muddies the entire mix. High and mid frequencies are lacking, so the singers’ voices sound muddy and unrecognisable. Lastly, the Raycon E55 earbuds tend to favor bass frequencies rather than higher tones, which may not be your cup of tea.

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