Restaurant Hood Cleaning Process: Setting Up and Finalization

It’s important to take action to maintain your kitchen in excellent condition at all times if you own or operate a restaurant in order to avoid unwanted complications. Unexpected problems might jeopardize public safety, incur penalties, and harm your brand.

One of the most important things you need to take care of to keep your restaurant running well is your kitchen exhaust system. Grease accumulates within the hoods and other components of your ventilation system over time, but by hiring a reputable restaurant hood cleaning service Bellevue to handle the work correctly, you may avoid fires and gain peace of mind.

Why Go with an Expert Hood Cleaning Company?

Some restaurant owners are aware of the value of hiring a kitchen vent hood cleaning service, but they are unsure of where to get reputable assistance. Unfortunately, not all of the local businesses that provide the quality you need to remain on track are created equal. Select a business that employs qualified experts with years of expertise in the field and, most importantly, that takes pride in its work and values its clients.

The Method.

We’ll detail what we do in both preparation and clean-up that sets our service apart and helps to avoid hassles brought on by less-careful operators to give you a sense of what to anticipate from a reliable kitchen exhaust cleaning service. Our goal is to instill your faith in our strategy and keep you updated on the work we’ve done in your business.


All pilot lights and gas valves for every appliance are turned off before beginning any work. This serves as a safeguard for both our group and your investment.

The major preparatory step is covering the hoods with plastic and making a funnel for the oily liquids to drain into a collecting container via the exhaust vents. To avoid oil spatter from the cleaning procedure from dirtying your cooking equipment and lengthening cleanup time, all neighboring equipment is covered in plastic sheets. To avoid spills and mishaps, our staff takes care to cover anything in the vicinity.

The baffle filters are then taken out and placed away for future cleaning so that access can be gained to the kitchen exhaust pipes. All preparation materials are double-checked once everything is set up to ensure that the system is prepared for service.


From the top of the system to the bottom, every component of the exhaust system goes through a spray, rinse, and repeat the process.

The exhaust fan and blades are first chemically sprayed. They are then given a hot water rinse. Once all of the oil has been uniformly cleaned from the fan parts, this procedure is repeated.

Next, the exhaust ducts are cleaned. When cleaning ducts, we use the same procedure: we spray a chemical on the ducts and then rinse them with hot water. If the ducts have not been frequently cleaned, it is quite likely that further grease accumulation will need to be physically scraped off of them. The procedure of spraying, rinsing, and repeating follows scraping.

Numerous oily fluids are produced as a result of the equipment above being sprayed and rinsed, and they directly enter the kitchen via the ducts. This is the reason why everything has been wrapped in plastic, the hoods have been wrapped, and a funnel-shaped collecting bucket has been made. An effective plan helps avoid needless cleaning.

The same procedure is carried out in the kitchen hoods once again. In this case, plastic wrapping of the equipment and careful planning is crucial. In this confined space, back spray occurs, and if the equipment is not adequately protected, it might get saturated with liquid.


During service, oily liquids may inevitably spill over your kitchen floor, and it is only after cleaning that we focus on your flooring. Following cleaning, we scrub and wash the floors to get rid of any leftover oil and hood cleaning agents.

Instead of waiting for your equipment to dry on its own, our crew will inspect your kitchen and make sure everything is dry. The last step to finish the job is to reinstall your equipment and ensure that your restaurant is operational. Everything is in its proper position and exactly as it was when we came by the time we pack up our equipment and depart your restaurant.

Final thoughts

An essential service like vent hood cleaning needs to be backed by a warranty. It makes perfect sense for the hood cleaning business to return and finish the work correctly till the system passes inspection if your exhaust system fails inspection by your city’s fire marshal and the reason was due to incorrect cleaning.

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