Ruby Love- Different Types of Comfortable Underwear for Periods.

Is the society of the 21st century modern? Are the beliefs of the people of the 21st century modern? Aren’t there any misconceptions present in this society? Is everyone in this society rational and logical? Does everyone in society believe something only if it is scientifically proven? Aren’t there any superstitions present in this society? Is everyone treated equally? Do people try to bust the misconceptions present in the 21st century? No one can deny the fact that the present society is very advanced. Be it culturally or scientifically or technologically or politically or whatnot! This society has made the life of people easier. There’s everything available for the people. A person is just a click away to buy a product. Life has become so comfortable! And there’s nothing wrong with living a comfortable life. But the problem is that despite having so much advancement in science and technology, people believe in misconceptions. Just because it is said, people believe it blindly. They don’t even question. People of modern society value “rationality”. But when it comes to a myth their rational mind doesn’t even pose any questions. At that moment, they become irrational. People of modern society believe something if it is scientifically proven. But when it comes to a misconception, their scientific attitude goes for a toss. In short, people of the 21st century are still ancient in their beliefs and thoughts. They are still stuck in the past. The reason is they believe the things said in the past without even knowing the “why” of it. Now, there are many such instances in modern society where it can be proven that people still believe in misconceptions. Among the many misconceptions that are present, one misconception is regarding “women”. Women have always been looked down upon in the past. They were often referred to as the “weaker sex”. Men were always considered stronger than women. Men were always believed to be the “superior sex”. Since women are weaker than men they needed men for their survival. This is what society used to believe. So, does that mean modern people don’t believe it now? No, modern people still believe this myth. They still believe that “women are weaker than men.” Whereas the fact is that, “women are stronger than men.” It is scientifically proven that the strength of women is more than the strength of men. If that was not the case then they would have never been able to handle the pains in their lives. A woman has to suffer so much pain in her life. Be it the pain from periodic cramps or be it the pain during pregnancy or childbirth or post-pregnancy. Among the many phases of life, the first phase a woman has to go through is menstruation. It’s the first phase where a woman is subjected to the word “pain.” It’s during menstruation, a woman understands what pain looks like. It’s during menstruation, women understand the science of handling pain. In short, the period is the most difficult phase of a woman’s life. If she was not strong enough then she would have not survived this pain. Despite this, people say that “women are the weaker sex.” Isn’t it strange? Another misconception that there is regarding periods. People think that periods are impure. In the past, as soon as the girl would get her period she was not allowed to stay in the house. She was discriminated against. She was made to feel as if she had done something wrong. Today things have changed. Though the period is still considered to be taboo, many things around the period have changed. Before, women used to fear discussing “period”. And that is the reason why women were not aware of the many options that are available for wearing during periods. But as women are now having discussions about “menstrual health” and “menstrual hygiene” they are becoming aware of the many options that are more sustainable and comfortable than usual sanitary pads or tampons. Now and then there are articles published regarding the chemicals used in sanitary pads. According to the articles, sanitary pads are not safe to use. And most importantly women should not stick to just one option. Because there are so many options available. And who knows if the new option would be more comfortable and safe than the usual option? Isn’t it? But what’s the option that is being talked about? So, it’s period underwear. Period underwear does the same job as commercial pads or tampons. The most important advantage that a regular pad will not provide is that women have to not worry about the fact that whether the pad is in place or not. And another quality of period underwear is that it is reusable. Not just that, it is also more comfortable than commercial pads or tampons. What else can a woman ask for? Ruby Love has made available varieties of quality period underwear. Women can check out the Ruby Love website and buy Ruby Love period underwear. That too at affordable rates using Ruby Love deals. They should not waste a single minute. Otherwise, they would miss out on a golden opportunity. But what’s the golden opportunity that is being talked about? So, it’s the Ruby Love sale which is in full swing!! An opportunity like this doesn’t come again and again. Hence women should grab this opportunity. They should surely do some Ruby Love shopping this season. Because why not? Read onto to know the different types of comfortable underwear during periods: 

A bikini-cut style:

Most women think that if period underwear is not closely fitted against their skin then it’s not a viable option for periods. Because if the period underwear is not perfectly tight then there would be a chance of leakage. Choosing period underwear on the cost of comfort is not a wise option. A bikini-cut style of period underwear which reaches the lower waist is the best option for women during periods. Because it’s not only comfortable to wear. But also leakage-proof underwear. What else can a woman ask for? Women can check out the Ruby Love website. And buy Ruby Love period underwear at bank-balanced rates using the Ruby Love promo codes. 

High-waisted period underwear: 

It’s not just about the blood that goes flowing during periods. But also the period cramps that a woman has to suffer. So it’s better to wear period underwear that is not only leakage-proof. But also helps in getting some relief from period cramps. But how? Heard about the cramp comfort heat patch? The cramp comfort heat patch is designed in a way to give relief from period pain. But a woman has to place it properly. Hence it becomes very important for women to wear something that reaches above the waist. And thus it can provide enough coverage for the cramp comfort heat patch. In short, it gets placed properly. And what’s better than high-waisted period underwear? Women can buy Ruby Love high-waisted underwear at pocket-friendly rates using Ruby Love coupons.

Hipster period underwear: 

Hipster period underwear, as the name suggests is hip-hugging period underwear. It gives full coverage. So, women need not worry about it. It can absorb as much as two to three regular tampons’ worth of blood. Not just that like other period underwear hipsters also give 100% protection from leakage. Ruby Love period underwear is something women should surely buy. They can check out the Ruby Live website and buy at budget-friendly rates using Ruby Love coupon codes. 

So, a woman should not rely on just one option. Instead, try other options too! And period underwear is something women should surely try during their periods. Ruby Love period underwear not only gives 100% protection from leakage but is also comfortable. Women can buy Ruby Love period underwear at affordable rates using Ruby Love discount codes. Buying from the Ruby Love website is super easy! One has to visit the Ruby Love website. And then select the period underwear according to one’s choice. Then one can buy by availing of Ruby Love offers. And in this way one will be able to save some extra money! Isn’t it exciting? Hurry up!! 

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