Security Metal Detector

Metal detectors are used to provide security in many different areas. It continues its function by transmitting electromagnetic. It is necessary to choose a security metal detector in accordance with the place and purpose to be used. These devices have many advantages. Thanks to these advantages, the security of the environment can be provided with ease.

5 different technologies are used in the production of security metal detector. These technologies used are:

  • Transmitter-Receiver: This technology is the oldest technology.
  • BFO: These detectors are mostly designed for children.
  • VLF: Frequency of the detector developed in this technology is very low. It won’t hurt  to people.
  • VLF-TR: It is the technology that allows the metal detector to control the ground and the garbage at the same time.
  • Pulse Induction: It is a technology that cannot distinguish between metal types. However, it continues to improve itself day by day.

Apart from the mentioned technologies, there are many different types.

Considerations in Security Metal Detector

Some points need to be considered when using a metal detector. First, the frequency setting needs to be done. This setting can be adjusted in different ways to the place where the device will be used. Another point comes before people as the subject of target detection. The type of product detected must be distinguished. At this point, the target detection feature comes into play.

Security metal detector is used in many areas such as shopping malls, hospitals, police stations, factories, public institutions. Thanks to these devices, can be prevented many unwanted situations. Metal detectors give a warning when detect products, they are sensitive to. Meanwhile, the security guards who there are taking the situation under control.

Metal detectors are among the devices that have been produced very robustly in terms of sensitivity. For this reason, they are products that are necessary for environments where safety is required. Metal detector selection should be made according to the purpose of use. You can find these detectors and more on

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