Smart Contemporary Bedroom Design

Adding a simple and sophisticated touch to your bedroom can have a huge impact. If you don’t want a lot of decor, go with straight, clean lines. Mirrors and built-ins are also popular additions. By adding a simple and elegant decor to your bedroom, you can create a space that will serve as a great living or work space, while also providing a romantic retreat. So, what makes a smart contemporary bedroom design?

Simple decor elements

A minimalist bedroom can have an eclectic look if it’s decorated with simple decor elements. Use a repurposed side chair as a bedside table, and a cool shade of blue paint on the walls. The right lighting will help the room look put-together and stylish. A bedside table with a view is a great focal point. Adding an unexpected accent piece can spice up the bedroom design.

Straight clean lines

If you’re interested in a contemporary design, you’ve probably come across a white-washed Scandinavian bedroom, which embodies straight, clean lines. This look is often characterized by white walls and minimal furnishings. Instead of using wood or other materials that give the bedroom a masculine feel, opt for natural materials such as wicker baskets and pots, as well as floor covering. Another great choice for a contemporary bedroom is marble, which exudes elegance and sophistication. If you’d like to create a tranquil oasis in your bathroom, consider marble wall panels and custom fittings.


Mirrors are one of the most versatile elements of modern decor. They add a sense of energy while reflecting your looks. Choosing a large mirror for the room is an elegant choice, but you can find mirrors with decorative pendants and frames that serve additional functions. Here are some ideas to incorporate a mirror into your bedroom decor. This article contains affiliate links, and prices and stock may change after publishing. Please check store descriptions before making any purchases.


A built-in bed has large shelves around the perimeter of the bed, as well as a mirror that doubles as a makeup vanity. They are practical additions to any bedroom, and their obvious applications are especially evident for college students. Built-ins can be made to fit into the height of the ceiling or as short extensions to the walls. Built-ins can also be used to display books or smaller pieces of decor, such as a television.

Neutral hues

For a restful retreat, choose soft neutrals. Incorporating a bold accent color such as a vibrant organic color like the golden tones of a plant or a metallic shade of silver or gold can make a statement. Alternatively, a sophisticated bedroom can feature an accent hue in an ultramodern space. Contrasting a warm taupe wall with a deep navy upholstered sofa can create a striking contrast that will keep the rest of the room looking cool without being overbearing.

Symmetrical design setting

The bedroom has a special place in the decoration and design world. Its unique setting enables it to be an ideal place to relax and sleep. This article explores some of the ways in which you can apply a symmetrical design to the bedroom. Symmetry can also be used in the furniture and accessories in the room. One great way to achieve this is to use a large area rug to anchor the bed. Another smart way to create a sense of symmetry is to use asymmetrical pendant lights to create a visually interesting effect.

Four-poster bed

Whether you prefer the classic look of the four-poster bed or the sleek lines of a contemporary bedroom, a four-poster can help create the perfect retreat and add value to your home. The sheer variety of designs available allows you to choose the best one to match your interior. You can even customize the look of your four-poster bed by incorporating a valance or curtains of your choice.

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