Softcase and Hardcase are on offer

You can choose between a Hardcase motor pressure bag and a soft case motorcycle backpack. In addition, the models are divided into different categories depending on the intended use. In addition to the tank or rear backpacks, you will find touring backpacks, waterproof roller bags, and daypacks for little luggage, depending on the application. The motorcycle backpacks are designed for different needs. What you are different about, our table says:

Touring backpack

Large motorcycle backpack: up to 40 l volume

equipped like a hiking backpack

less streamlined than other motorcycle backpacks

Ends of the shoulder and hip belts flutter on inexpensive models

Waterproof roller bag

  • mainly used by bicycle couriers
  • is rolled up waterproof at the top
  • plenty of storage space
  • pulsar 10000 watt generator
  • almost never extra outer pockets
  • pulsar 10000 watt generator
  • inside also not divided into other subjects


  • small motorcycle backpack up to approx. 10 kg volume
  • inexpensive to buy
  • only suitable for short trips
  • no space for the motorcycle helmet

The waterproof material is an advantage

You should definitely make sure to buy a waterproof motorcycle backpack. A normal backpack can quickly get wet in a rain shower, and moisture penetrates inside through the seams. If the backpack is then laid out with a truck tarpaulin, your things are immediately wet.

A special waterproof motorcycle backpack such as an Alpinestars motorcycle backpack is made of nylon or polyester. Some models come with a reinforced plastic cover, which is stowed in an additional compartment and can be pulled over the backpack in a few simple steps in the rain. Thus, the water drains, and the contents remain dry.

You can also opt for a motorcycle backpack with a waterproof hard shell. An additional PU coating on the outside also makes the backpack dirt-repellent.

With decreasing weight, comfort increases

In a motorcycle backpack comparison, the size and weight of the empty backpack are often mentioned as decisive purchase factors. Because not only do you have to carry heavier if the backpack weighs a lot. The weight also influences your driving behavior and thus your safety. This applies to a motorcycle backpack for women or men.

A deadweight of no more than one kilogram as with a KTM motorcycle backpack is ideal here. A large motorcycle backpack that weighs several pounds shifts the center of gravity when riding and can be uncomfortable.

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