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Steps for AKA MS Remote connect

Aka.ms remote connect minecraft is a software connection which allows the users to control the computer using your mobile phone. It is designed in a way so that it could be used in any situation whenever you do not have the access to your PC. This software is available for the devices like Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems for its users. And it can also be downloaded on any of the websites free of cost. 

There are many users who do now know the steps for https aka ms remote connect this is why in this blog we are going to tell our users about the same so that they can connect it using a smart phone. 

Steps to connect setup aka ms remote using a smart phone – 

  1. For the initial step the users need to open aka.ms/remote connect on the website you are using and then check the gaming device you are using for this purpose. 
  2. And then in this step you need to log in into the account of yours so that you can proceed to the next step. 
  3. Now, here in this step you are supposed to login into your account of Microsoft account which you have created; for log in you need to fill in the username and the password of your Microsoft account. 
  4. Follow the instructions which are given on the screen for you to execute and if you will keep on following the instructions which are given on the screen you will be able to connect aka ms remote connect. 

If you are facing error with aka ms then there are certain things you can do and even if this happens then also the users do not need to worry as in this blog there are solutions for this as well.

The error usually occurs when it is caused by the firewall or proxy servers which are blocking the port which the remote desktop needs so that it could be used to communicate. 

  1. To fix the error of aka ms remote the users need to check the firewall and to disable them temporarily. 
  2. Checking the proxy settings of your device and then also disabling them for some time till the issue is fixed. 
  3. The users can also try to reboot their PC and then try again and see if the error has been fixed or not.

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