Story of Blue Whale Fish

While the staggering news that a 73-ft long female blue whale had encountered a lethal injury a boat’s propeller off our coast in 2009 became public, the neighborhood of Fort Bragg got together. Seeing this astounding whale showed up on shore was moving so much that people from our neighborhood an arrangements to protect the skeleton for Fort Bragg, regardless the way that there would be no office or school driving the work. Working with NOAA, the City had the choice to get honors to acquire the skeleton for conceivable public show. More than 200 people passed on their common lives to participate in a remarkable neighborhood to pull 70-tons of bones and fat up a 40-foot incline and cover the whale in manure out in the woodlands. It was an incredible task.

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Students from wherever got an exceptional blue whale-sized life structures model during the flensing framework as we worked with public experts to give whatever number guides to research as could be permitted. Go to our astonishing blue whales page to see the cool investigation we’ve had the choice to contribute toward so far.

Student and analyst coordinate to dispense with the fat.


Volunteers wipe out manure and soil to reveal the bones under.
Volunteers dispense with manure and soil to uncover the bones.

Mendocino High School young fellows get to work

Following four years of sitting in fertilizer and sand in gigantic pits in the forest, our amazing laborers without a doubt got together with the City of Fort Bragg to circumspectly recuperate each bone. Luckily, creatures and bugs had buckled down, and most of the tissue was no more. A couple of bones, like the caudal vertebrae near the tail, were at this point encased in significant solid areas for uncommon tissue and should be gotten back to manure to completely finish the undertaking. The bones were delivered to the wastewater treatment plant in Fort Bragg where we have been cleaning and scouring them (what a mind boggling spot for this untidy endeavor!) Watch the story spread out in pictures under!

The skeleton is by and by away expecting to fund to begin the accompanying period of the revamping framework: degreasing to take out the (exceptionally foul!) inside oils.

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