Telltale Signs of Rental Scams in Glendale

We have all come across rental pricing that seems too good to be true. What if we told you that most of these listings are scams? So, the next time you come across a listing that charges way less than the others in the area, keep a lookout for problems. But first things first, how do you tell if you are getting scammed in the name of cheap rentals? Visit this page to learn more. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking for rentals in Glendale:

Never share your personal information:

According to the most reported scams surrounding rentals, it has been revealed that people who share their personal information such as their social security numbers and bank details. Avoid landlords who ask about these details without even conducting proper tenant screenings.

The property is for sale on another website:

Whenever you consider checking out a rental listing, make sure that the property is not for sale on other websites. There have been cases where it was seen that the tenant got to know that the property got sold to someone else on their moving day. One should not have to go through such things; always be sure to check these things before making any payment or signing agreements. 

The listing wasn’t very descriptive or was poorly written:

What does one do when they have to sell something? You get as much descriptive as possible. If you come across a listing that is not written properly or has a lot of mistakes, there is a good chance that the listing may not be legitimate. 

The landlord is not in town or state:

There have also been cases where it was seen that the landlord was out of town or state during the time of screening or signing the agreement. Although sometimes that may be the case,  most of the time it’s a matter of swindling. Moreover, if you were asked to wire money without even getting to know the landlord or the place in person, make sure to check with the locals to see if the person is legitimate, and avoid wiring money without seeing the property or signing the agreement. 

Final thoughts:

Swindling cases surrounding rentals are at an all-time high in Glendale. Moreover, as a tenant, there is very little you can do to ensure you are not falling for a scam. In these cases, it’s advisable to look for rentals through property management companies.

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