Sublimation Printing Machine

The ColorJet Dye Sublimation Printing Machine

The ColorJet Dye Sublimation Printing Machine is a versatile machine for printing on a variety of fabrics, including recycled polyester. The machines are also zero water-consuming and can print on a variety of paper types. The Leaf clamp prevents the paper from curling during printing. The machines are also easy to use. They are some of the most affordable dye sublimation printers available in the market.

This high-speed machine is equipped with a jumbo roll feeder, Infrared dryers, and a gizmo nozzle. It is perfect for a variety of products, and its large printing area allows for a high-speed print production rate. The SubliXpress D has a print speed of 4000 square meters per day, and has the capacity to handle a wide variety of products. The SubliXpress is easy to operate, has high-quality images, and is a great investment.

The SubliXpress Sublimation Printing Machine can print up to 600×2400 DPI. It can support up to 4 print heads. It can also print a variety of files, including the ColorJet edition of Onyx. This machine is the most expensive one on the market, but it has many benefits. It is capable of producing large amounts of product and can print any flat item up to A4 size. It can also print on special materials, such as glass, stone, and plate.

A sublimation printer is an excellent investment, which will boost your profits and satisfy your customers. Its high speed allows you to produce large print jobs with ease and efficiency. Aside from the profit potential, sublimation printing allows people to bring their ideas to life. It is a fast and convenient way to bring designs to life. This machine is ideal for businesses of all sizes, from small-scale businesses to large businesses.

The SubliXpress is a high-end machine that has the ability to print multiple items at once. A single unit can print twelve mugs at a time. It can also print four mobile covers at a time. The SubliXpress can print on a variety of different substrates, including recycled paper and polyester. Its high-speed print heads are equipped with gold-plated metal encoders and can print on a variety of flat items.

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There are several types of Sublimation Printing Machines available in the market. A single machine can print up to 4 mobile covers. Another type can print up to 12 mugs at once. The machines can even print on curved iPhone plastic cases. Depending on the type of project, a single machine can print almost any object. For instance, a t-shirt may have an all-over design, while a flat tile or mouse pad is flat and uncurved.

The SubliXpress can print up to 2000 square meters per day. With two industrial-grade Kyocera print-heads, this machine is the fastest ROI 1.6m Hi-Speed sublimation printer in India. Its high-speed print heads allow for fast turnaround time and excellent image quality. So, it is a highly efficient machine. So, make the most of your investment with a Sublimation Printer.

The SubliXpress can print on cotton and polyester. Its active seaming technology helps the ink stay in place, and it is highly versatile. Its high-volume printing capacity makes it a good option for any business. This machine has four nozzles and a gold-plated metal encoder for accurate colour matching. Its pre-installed color management engine ensures optimum colour matching. This machine is designed to print on a variety of different materials and products.

The SubliXpress Plus is the most popular sublimation printer in India. Its wide-printing area makes it a versatile machine for any company. The ReliXpress Plus is a high-production dye-sublimation printer that supports all kinds of fabrics. Its unique inks make it easier to manage, and it also saves on paper. Its low-cost printers can be used for a variety of purposes.

Inkjet printers are useful for printing on plastic materials. For example, the SubliXpress Plus has eight-colour, eight-ink nozzles and high-speed ink jetting. It can print on different types of paper, including plastic. It can also print on other materials, such as curtains and carpet. For high-volume environments, this machine is an excellent choice. A SubliXpress Plus is very flexible and can be used for many different uses.

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