The Questions to Getting the Right Employee Intranet Solution

#1: Does it align with the core values ​​of your business?

The core values ​​of your business should be crafted and capture the essence of what you do as a company. It should take into account how it plans to accomplish its mission and succeed by creating a welcoming and attractive workplace for its people. As such, these values ​​are a touchstone for corporate behavior and a set of cultural norms.

    “When investing in software used by all members of an organization, it makes sense to match value with it.”

So if every member of your organization is invested in the software they use to communicate, connect, and collaborate every day, it makes sense to align their values ​​with that software. A variety of features of the modern intranet can help you do this, from rewards and awareness to instant messaging, fast information retrieval, and easy collaborative group formation.

#2: Does the corporate intranet portal support integration?

Think about what you want your intranet to do. Can many processes be automated? Do you want to make your administrative tasks more paperless? Are you speeding up many time-consuming chores in your organization? Many organizations run payroll, human resource management, and other processes over an Corporate Intranet Portal, often using the same third-party software they used to.

For example, marketing can benefit from the integration of O365 and G-Suite. Salespeople can use the integrated Salesforce app and more. Support staff can access ZenDesk via the intranet. All of this means that the intranet will become the hub of the digital workplace for employees, making it an essential tool for businesses.

3: What is Employee Intranet SolutionUser Experience (UX)?

The user experience is like extra music for a movie. If you notice it, it’s not doing the job. A good user experience should feel simple, intuitive and automated. If you notice your website’s interface, it’s not functioning properly. This can lead to frustration, workarounds, and possibly a slow decline in engagement. This is not what you want for software designed to do the opposite. Simply put, if it’s not available, it won’t be used.

To choose an corporate intranet portal with a great UX, you need to have people across your company try it out before buying. Different departments use different areas of the employee intranet solution more than others, so every corner of the system needs to be explored.

“If the intranet isn’t available, it won’t be used.”

Another thing to keep in mind is mobile responsiveness. Ideally, the user experience of a mobile website should be as good as the desktop user experience. Enabling employees to use the mobile intranet is key to their engagement with the new system. Therefore, it is important for providers to offer application options when considering functionality. You might think you don’t need it now, but the opportunity to use the app among your employees may be what your organization needs in the near future. With 70% of employees not being desktop-based, intranet applications are quickly becoming the norm across the enterprise.

#4: Are you satisfied with your employee intranet solution design?

They say first impressions are important and intranet design is critical to whether your new system will be adopted immediately. A bad design can lead to a lot of closures and thus widespread exits.

The design acts as an corporate intranet portal showcase. In other words, it attracts people. If people don’t want to start using the new intranet right away, it’s not a precursor to future intranet engagement.

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  “The design acts as a showcase for the intranet. It draws people in.”

Anyone planning to introduce corporate intranet portal software into their business needs to have an idea of ​​what they want the platform to look like. This is the ideal opportunity to promote your internal brand and give your intranet an identity. This strengthening of internal culture can be beneficial when it comes to recruiting and employee engagement.

One of the advantages of a good Employee Intranet Solution provider is that there is no such thing as a final design. With their support, your team can change the look of your website as your business changes and grows.

#5 What is Technical Support?

When implementing software for your entire workforce, it is important to ensure that you have a strong and reliable technical support team. This means not only the first foreshadowing of support, but also long-term support for quick response and efficient resolution. But how can you know the level of customer support service without purchasing the product first? Check out what your provider offers.

Based on the type of business, what technical support do you need? Is it overtime support? Do you need emergency contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Find out the facts, talk to your current customers where possible, read reviews, and get a better understanding of what services you and your business need if you have a bug or issue on your intranet.

#6: Does this software have a future?

How nimble is the software you’re looking at? How does it evolve as your business grows? How resilient are you to sudden changes, acquisitions, and application changes? These are the questions all of our employees need to ask before deploying the software they use. Most companies have ambitions to grow. Intranet software needs to work with increasingly powerful businesses.

    “How resilient is the employee intranet solution to sudden changes, acquisitions, and application changes?”

To do this, you need to predict where your business is going. How many people do you think your organization will have in a few years? Are you planning to open a new office? Do you have any plans for globalization? Make sure the new system is open in a different language, a different time zone, and a new department. Ensuring business agility within the intranet is critical to long-term success and engagement within the enterprise.

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